9/19/18 – 10/01/18 North to Alaska – COTV Princess Cruise


“Way up north, Way up north,
North to Alaska, Go North, the Rush is On”





1) It’s Going to Be a Fun Cruise!!
Cruise with COTV Members and have a great time.

A BON VOYAGE party will be held in the Wheelhouse Lounge!
Harry & Sharon, Doug & Marilyn, Dave & Karen,
Jim & Susan, Jim & Diane, Bill & Marilyn, Jeanette & Jay and Daryl & Rob


2) No need to wait to reserve your stateroom.
Book as soon as possible to take advantage
of the current promotions.


Reserving a stateroom as soon as possible is

For those of you thinking of joining the North to Alaska cruise in October be aware that the group rates and all amenities expired on Jun 8. All rates reverted to published rates.


3) Final payment is required.

Optional Travel Protection Policy

  • 1. Travel Protection-Standard coverage is 8% of cruise fare.
  • 2. Travel Protection-Platinum is 12% of cruise fare.
  • 3. Both are secured at final payment.
  • 4. If you have sailed 3+ Princess cruises you will pay standard cost and receive the
    Platinum Protection policy.


5) Yes, there will be an opportunity for:
Ice Berg Rapelling, Swimming with the Seals & Running
with the Bears (actually running from the Bears-but you get the idea):

(9/19) Port of San Pedro, check in 1pm-3pm
(9/20) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/21) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/22) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/23) Ketchikan, Alaska – 7am – 4pm
(9/24) Juneau, Alaska – 9am – 10pm
(9/25) Skagway, Alaska – 7am-8:30pm
(9/26) Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska – xam – xpm
(9/27) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/28) Victoria, British Columbia – 12pm – 7pm
(9/29) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/30) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(10/1) Port San Pedro 0615am

(Oh No – We Have To Go Home)


6) If anyone in the stateroom is either an Active, Retired or Honorably Discharged military veteran, they can apply for an additional $100 shipboard credit
(more FREE money) for this cruise. Proof
of service is required, and we will
assist anyone who may qualify.

Inside Cabin $1599
Ocean View $2399
Balcony $2799
Mini-Suite Balcony $3699

Prices published as of 1-15-18 per person
(add $220 for taxes, fees, port exp.)




Book your cruise reservation through
Karen Hellman, COTV member & sponsor.

As a THANK YOU, she provided a
$25 shipboard credit
for each stateroom.

Contact Karen
KH Travel 800-375-0863 KH Travel email


9/12/18 COTV goes to Fontana for Lefty’s Track Day




Join COTV & the North Coast Vettes in Carlsbad
for an exciting afternoon day trip to the Auto Club Speedway
in Fontana for a very special event.

On Wednesday, September 12, members
from our club will caravan to the track, joining the
North Coast Vettes. There will be free professional photos
taken on the track and then you get to drive 2 – 3 laps around the
track with a pace car. North Coast Vettes did this last year and it
was a blast driving the oval.


Afterwards, you can hang out with NCV & COTV if you like
while we display our cars during Lefty’s Track Day.

They are bringing a grill and we are bringing canopies and food to share.
Think of it as a track day POTLUCK!

We’ll hang out while the general public races around
the track; and, if you chose to, you can get back on the track.

Lets Hit The Track!

Let’s Hit The Track!

Convertibles are allowed. Seat belts and headlights
required. Drivers must be at least 18 years old.

Note: Last year everyone got to go faster than highway
speed – around 80mph. We have not yet been assigned
a time, but it will likely be around 1 or 2. NCV will stop
for lunch on the way, maybe in Temecula.

Here is last years Event Poster.
(Disregard the Date)



08/26/2018 COTV MLR Hosted by Skip Hipp & Kim and Val Sparks




Meet at KOHL’S at 9AM and depart at 9:30

Potty stop 1 hr from Kohl’s


COTV Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by



Skip Hipp


Val & Kim Sparks

We need your RSVP NO later than the 23rd

The menu will be breakfast or lunch with
prices ranging from $10 to $20
No need to pre-pay.
RSVP to Skip



If you plan on attending, and….

especially, if you want to eat lunch


RSVP to Skip




(This is VERY, VERY Important!)

RSVP By Thursday, August 23rd


We are having problems at the Restaurants

because some members are not

RSVPing for Themselves or their Guests.

We’d Love To Have You There…. but,

Our MLRs have a lot of attendees.

We can’t just show up with more

folks and expect to be seated.

You need to RSVP.

08/23/18 – 08/26/18 Vettes on the Rockies


Image result for vettes on the rockies

Vettes on the Rockies


Marilyn & Doug, Steve & Liz, Diane & Jim,
Sandi & Bill, Darlena & Curt, Daryl & Rob, Ruth & Mark Harwell, Kathleen & Dave Regenhardt and Donna & Sam Rindskopf!


Meet at the IHOP
1688 North Perris Blvd j, Perris

Get there early if you want to eat!

Wheels turning at 0900.

It’s 940 miles or so to the

Steamboat Grand Resort
2300 Mt Werner Cir.,
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

8/20 Monday 330 mi – IHOP to
CasaBlanca Resort & Casino
950 West Mesquite Blvd, Mesquite, NV

8/21 Tuesday 330 mi – MESQUITE to
Holiday Inn Express & Suites,
925 Westwood Blvd, Price, UT

8/22 Wednesday 275 mi – PRICE to
The Steamboat Grand 2300 Mt
Werner Cir, Steamboat Springs, CO

8/23 Thursday Get used to the ALTITUDE
& Register at 1pm

Vetts on the Rockies Thu, Fri, Sat 8/23,24,25

Home on your own or plan a return trip later


23-26 August, 2018


Vemp_0601_01_z Vettes_on_the_rockies_2005 Vette_central
(If you look real close, you can see Rob in this picture!)



(Those are active links below-use your
back button to return to this page)


No on-site registration. Registration is LIMITED. If you
wish to attend, or think you wish to attend,


Registration will cost $150 per person, which covers two evening receptions, two hot breakfast buffets, a plated, sit down 3 course banquet dinner with multiple menu options and administrative costs. Additional cars (bring that ’69 Custom or that ’86 Coupe) will be $25 each.


Hotel reservations are open NOW
(make your reservations-you can always cancel
48 hours prior for a $25 deposit fee)


The Steamboat Grand Resort
in Steamboat Springs, Colorado has been selected for the venue.

Call 1-877-269-2628

Ask for “Vettes on the Rockies” Room Rate


A hotel room with a rate of $129/night works out to $153.77 with resort fees and taxes added. If you don’t want travel insurance, make sure it is not added.

Reservations can be made by calling the resort central reservations desk in Steamboat Springs. Room rates are already set, and are deeply discounted, starting at $129 a night plus tax for a studio, a single queen or king, or a double queen. A one bedroom condo, which includes a large living area and separate bedroom, is $159 a night. 2, 3, 4, & 5 bedroom suites are available. The VOTR room rates will be available 2 days prior to and after the event- 21 to 28 August. Eligibility for the discounted rates is based on being registered for the event.

Space is limited for VOTR 2018, and we expect a waiting list.

Registrations and Resort reservations will be first come,
first served.

Not sure you want to attend…..
check out what happened last time!
Vettes on the Rockies starts at “Breckenridge”




· Thursday– Registration & Welcome desks open in early afternoon. “Meet & Greet” “under the tent” with hors d’oeuvres & cash bar around 5 – 7pm. Dinner on your own.

· Friday– Hot breakfast buffet. “Funkana” competitive driving event in the morning. Live auction at the hotel around 5 pm “under the tent” with hors d’oeuvres & cash bar, plus smaller items available for bid in a silent auction. Time in the afternoon for organized drives, shopping & sightseeing. Dinner on your own.

· Saturday– Hot breakfast buffet. A judged car show in the morning into the early afternoon. Banquet in the evening with a 3 course menu, cash bar, & awards presentation. Time in the afternoon for organized drives, shopping & sightseeing.

· Sunday– Goodbyes, local breakfast as desired, hit the road.

8/21/18 Sponsor Appreciation Dinner @ Pizza Factory



dinner is served.
pizza factory

Come join us as we thank one of our COTV Sponsors
by having dinner at their restaurant.

Tuesday August 21 @ 6:00 PM


Pizza Factory
31725 Temecula Parkway, Temecula


Pizza Factory Lg


08/5/2018 COTV Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by Lou & Paradise







Up In The Sky……
Was It A Bird?
Was It A Plane?
It Was SuperDrone



Mystery Lunch Run

August 5, 2018

And the winner is…….!!!!!

Once again, Lou Long outdid himself, and with the able assistance of his wife, Julee, organized the largest Mystery Lunch Run of the year. We know there are a few months left on the calendar, but we doubt anyone can top this one. At 8:30am, he expected 52 cars and 104 people but we were unable to get either a car count or head count since everyone was milling around at the dealership, starting at different times, arriving at lunch at different times, and you guessed it….. we gave up and accepted the initial figures.

What made it even more complicated, in a good way, was the large number of new faces and, therefore, new cars. Barbara and John Rider, from Homeland, who have already sent in their application and whose badges will be ready for them at the Thursday meeting, joined us for the first time. Pretty gutsy to join without a test run, but they seemed to be having fun. Phil Hughes, from Temecula, says he has been thinking about joining, contacted John McDermott, arrived at the dealership, got an application and said he is 100% sure now and will bring the check to Thursday’s meeting. There was a whole contingent from Fallbrook – Michael and Brandi Moran, Allen and Aleta Weins, and Tom and Elle Ramsey. We hope they had enough fun to come again and become part of the COTV party. As always, Norm Craig and Ronette Garduno brought two cars and two friends, their neighbors, Crystal and Cory Hume. We have met Jason and Joe’s youngest daughter, Krista, several times and on this occasion one of her other sisters, Jasmine, who was visiting from AZ, also joined us. They came for the donuts and went on for the ride, with Jasmine in the car with Mom and Krista on the back of Dad’s motorcycle. Mike and Penny Haley’s son, Tim Philips, came to pick up his daughter, Ella, and told us all he had purchased a Corvette from Bill Steed when Bill got the anniversary edition model. He recognized Bill right away. Pete Callaway, from Callaway Automotive was at the dealership to check on Glenn Crowther and the work they did on his ZO6. This is his second ZO6 to go through the Callaway process, so he must really love that extra power.

When we finally got rolling and found our way out of the Paradise lot, things got a little more complicated again. Large groups are difficult to manage to start with and when you get all that power and testosterone on the road, things can get fragmented pretty quickly. Some went one way, others went another way. The end result is that we all ended up at the same place, just not necessarily all together or at the same time.

The lunch destination was Cute Cakes on W. Grand Avenue in Escondido. Jill Reilly, the owner and cake maker, was kind enough to close her restaurant/bakery to the general public today and have our club for brunch/lunch, with a special menu. Lou and Julee had their wedding cake made at Cute Cakes a few weeks ago and we can see why. Not only did we enjoy our lunch right there, but lots of folks had the opportunity to buy cupcakes and other baked goods to take home for later.


Thanks again, Lou (and Julee) and we will see if you can top it again in 2019!



7/29/18 COTV Goes To The Del Mar Races



(at least for us)



Sunday, July 29, 2018


We Hit The Track and Bet The Farm!!!

Thank Goodness Jim Left His Pink Slip At Home


Report by Darlena
A great time was had by COTV at the Del Mar horse races Sunday, July 29th.  The weather cooperated and there was sun shine and a cool ocean breeze.  The group gathered in the private infield area where their vettes were parked together for other race fans to enjoy.  As always there was wonderful food to enjoy, and even better company.  Along with the food there was much laughter and of course, betting on the ponies.  The big winner was Terry Bleeker and she will likely never let Simon live that down.  Simon thought is was a great strategy to bet every horse in the race, but after the first race Terry threatened to divorce him if he did that again.  So did he?  Of course not!  Others won a little and lost a little.  Lets just say no one lost the shirt off their back or the wheels on their ride.  A big thanks to Jim and Diane Sommars for organizing this outing. (Report by Darlena)


Photos from Darlena & Curt
DM50 DM51 DM52 DM53 DM54 DM55 DM56 DM57 DM58 DM59 DM60


Photos from Fritzi & John

DM1DM2 DM3 DM4 DM5 DM6 DM7 DM8 DM9 DM10 DM11 DM12 DM13 DM14 DM15 DM16 DM17 DM18 DM19 DM20 DM21 DM22

7/25/18 Sponsor Appreciation Dinner @ Guadalajara Mexican Grill





Wednesday July 25 

Guadalajara Mexican Grill

Sponsor Appreciation Dinner

When you pulled into the parking lot at Guadalajara in Temecula, you might have guessed that they were having an event. Every space was taken and not necessarily by Corvettes, so lots of others had the bright idea of having someone else do the cooking on this day of “Extreme Heat Warning”. Bruce Mofford, being the early bird, had a prime spot, but many of us parked in lots for other buildings. Knowing how tight the parking lot actually is, we hope that we remember to go next door to the Charter School lot next time….so much easier.

It was a relatively small but still “eager to eat” crowd of 22 in the back room. The Boers, Bruce, Bill Stedfield and the Lokkens grabbed the first booth. The Watsons and Finches followed. Then the Pages and then the Webers and Re’s, which left the longer table for the Sommars, the Crowthers and Chuck Sherman. Leo Biller squeezed another chair in with the first group. Service was good and food was plentiful.

We give our congratulations to Mike and Denise Re over the birth of their lovely grand daughter, Summer Ann, and hope, for her parents’ sake and sanity that she starts to sleep through the night soon.

We want to thank Dave Hellman for planning the dinner, even though he was out-of-state and didn’t attend. We also want to thank Guadalajara for being such a long-term sponsor of COTV.

g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7 g8 g9



7/17/18 Breakfast Social @ Country Kitchen, Wildomar





Country Kitchen

Breakfast Social – July 17, 2018

Maybe we aren’t as “social” or as “hungry” or as interested in getting up early in these hot days of summer, because it was a slightly smaller than usual group of 24 who met at the very new Country Kitchen in Wildomar.

It was the usual suspects, with a few exceptions. Marilyn Glenore came alone to celebrate her 75th birthday, which is actually on Thursday. Doug was doing corporate tax work. Jim Sommars joined the bachelor group of Skip Hipp, Mike Marty and Bruce Mofford. The Finches brought their 20 year old granddaughter, Stephanie, who is visiting before work and school ramp up again. The Crooks and Mike Marty had actually done a “pre-run” on Sunday so were familiar with location and menu. Bruce apparently knew our waitress, Laura, from a previous stint at Applebee’s.

The food was good and Laura had a system of numbering each order so she could get her bills out correctly. She was surprised to see so many of us so early, but later understood that it was to her benefit to have orders placed and filled in waves instead of all at once.

Carol Buote said that she and Marilyn try to find new places to go. It fills a double bill of supporting new businesses and of getting our group into a restaurant before it becomes so busy that it can’t accommodate us. As always, we “thank them for their service” in organizing a new culinary adventure every other month.


B1 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14 B15

6/24/18 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by Denise & Jeff and Vickie & Al



The Gang of Four


Mystery Lunch Run – June 24, 2018

A New, and Very High, Bar has been Set

Most of us have experienced an event organized by Vickie Hackworth (with Al’s assistance, of course), so when their friends, Denise and Jeff Kilpatrick, impulsively bought a new Grand Sport and joined the club, we probably should have raised our expectations for an initial MLR, because our expectations were met and exceeded with today’s run. Al and Vickie were there for support and guidance, but Vickie said all the marvelous details were due to Denise and Jeff’s planning.

It was an early morning departure for the 23 cars and 41 Corvette lovers as we met at 8:30 and left promptly at 9am. If Bill Watson hadn’t seen us on Temecula Parkway going in the other direction, he might have missed the whole day. When they said depart at 9, they meant it, as they had a full day planned. In addition to the usual suspects, we had two guest couples. First to join us were Terry and Steve Stuart from San Marcos. The Glenores, Stevens and Webers met them May 29 at the Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo. Apparently we passed them on the road and so they stopped to talk to us at dinner. They told us they had a Corvette and we told them to come see a club event. Rob sent them a link to the website with their picture on it and we all moved on. Apparently they did come up to Monterey and saw all the cars at the MPCC event as well. We must have made a good impression on them since they signed up for the MLR and seemed to have a great time. The second couple was Gail and Randy Fitzpatrick, friends of the Hackworths, the Kilpatricks and known by anyone in the Women’s or Men’s Clubs in Temecula. They did the run in a borrowed Corvette and…..who knows?

Denise checked us in and gave us the secret instructions. Vickie, more importantly, gave us each a bag of trail mix for the road. Bob Clark loaned the Stuarts a walkie-talkie so they wouldn’t be left out if anything of real importance was said. And off we went, regrouping quickly at our usual spot on Temecula Parkway at Butterfield Stage and then heading east on 79. Let the guessing games begin – Julian? Idyllwild? San Diego? Anza Borrego? We turned on 371 so Indio was now looking like a good direction. Then we made a right onto Burnt Valley Road. You may ask where that is, as did most of us. It was a little scenic detour with lots of curves and some dust and very low traffic. The “race drivers” (Denise, Steve, Skip, Rob, and even Chuck C) were in heaven and reached pretty good speeds. Then the detour ended and we were back on 371. We turned left at the Palms to Pines Highway (74) and drove a little over 8 miles to Anglers Landing or the Hemet Market at the Lake Hemet Campground. Ever prepared, Denise and Jeff and handed out bottles of water as we all made a potty stop.

Then we hopped back on 74, turned right on 243 and headed out on the Banning Idyllwild Panoramic Highway , through Idyllwild and down into the Banning area. It sure lives up to its name as the scenery and the road are really great. So at the bottom of the hill, we get onto the 10 East and Vickie announces that in case we get separated we need to exit on 111 into Palm Springs. So all our minds are whirling and remembering that they told us to bring a jacket as the lunch restaurant was cool. Some brilliant minds figured it out and when we turned on Tram Way, even the not so brilliant minds put things together.

Just to show the excellent planning by the Kilpatrick/Hackworth team, the Aerial Tramway waived the $5 charge to park and we had a separate/private parking lot with our name on the sign and a ranger assigned to help us into the lot and onto the shuttle up to the Tramway. Our group was placed in one tram and even got an earlier time assignment. When we reached the top our ticket also gave us a buffet lunch. All in all it was a $47 value for $28, so how can you complain about that. In addition, Denise and Jeff had brought a special cake with actual Corvette models on it and our Club artwork.

For many this was the first time to the Tramway and for many more it was the first time in decades. For all of us, it was a trip to be remembered and talked about for a long time. They certainly set the bar very, very high for future MLRs. Let’s make sure to ask them to organize another one – from conversation at our lunch table, they just might be thinking about another one in the future. Three cheers for Denise, Jeff, Vickie and Al and all their hard work to make our day so very enjoyable!







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