Priebe, Joe & Rosemary
Hosted by Joe and Rosemary


COTV Spark of Love Toy Run

 As has become our tradition on the day after the Christmas Party, the Club held their Christmas Mystery Lunch Run early as a visit to a local fire station with toys for the Spark of Love campaign and then continued on for a ride with lunch together as the final destination.

Joe and Rosemary Priebe put a lot of effort into planning the perfect ride, starting with a visit to a new fire station in Temecula but it could have gone horribly wrong when at the last minute the Glen Oaks station determined that we could not make their station the destination.  Of course, Joe had a back­up, and we headed from our meeting place at Kohl’s to the the Old Town station in Temecula.  About 30 cards met at 9am and socialized for a half hour.  The highlight of this part of the event was the passing of the torch or, in this case, “The Moose”, from the Webers to the Keefers. Ed will probably never leave his car unlocked again.  Learn from his mistake!SONY DSC

At 9:30 we all headed through Old Town and met at the fire station where we were welcomed by the crew on duty.  We were told that, prior to our arrival, only 2 toys had been delivered to them.  We changed all that by filling their collection box to overflowing, piling toys on the bench in front of their building and adding another sack full of goodies.  They were very welcoming and glad to see us, fascinated by the cars and poured coffee to go with the donuts that Joe and Rosemary had dropped off earlier.  You would have thought everyone was starving the way those donuts disappeared.  The crew brought around a fire engine for us to pose with for our group shot, which featured a group of some of the oldest and newest cars in the club.

Some members departed at this point to honor family commitments and about 20 cars continued on for a great ride down Pechanga Parkway, through Pala, along Rice Canyon, back along Rainbow Canyon and then into Temecula, where we ended up at BJ’s Restaurant.  Joe and Rosemary had arranged for a separate room and a buffet of “all­you­can­eat” salad, pasta with chicken and four kinds of deep dish pizza. At the end of the meal, the staff provided pizza boxes for anyone who wanted to take pizza home for a later snack.

All in all, it was a perfect end to a perfect holiday weekend with lots of fun, friendship, and food all the hallmarks of Corvettes of Temecula Valley.  Thanks to Joe and Rosemary for their great planning.  We look forward to 2014 and more opportunities to join together for good times.