Hosted by Jim and Diane
October 27, 2013

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What a beautiful Fall day we had and what a great ride we went on, hosted by Jim and Diane Sommars. A group of just under 30 cars met at the Kohl’s parking lot around 9:30am, with a scheduled departure of 10:15am. There were two brand new C-7s among us – the Sommars’ metallic blue and the Boers’ bright yellow with red interior. Hans said he did not want to be overlooked in the latter days of his life and he certainly won’t be with that color combination. We had some newbies on the ride – Wes and Kathy (Wes had been at the October meeting, but Kathy was unwell, so this was her first chance to meet the gang) and the San Diego friends of Hans and Alma who purchased their burnt orange car when they got the new C-7. We also had the pleasure of seeing Ro and Francine Mack. Several couples planned on taking the ride, but not joining us for lunch (the Glenores and the Hipsaks among them.) Al and Vicki Hackworth made it to the parking lot, but opted to skip the ride due to what seemed to be alternator problems. Ray and Judy McIntosh arrived in their new, bright red C-6 – a birthday present from Ray to himself for his 65th the day before.

When we finally got on the road, Jim and Diane led us to the 15 northbound and off at Clinton Keith, where we regrouped after spreading out on the freeway. We turned on Grand and paraded through Wildomar and Lake Elsinore, heading to the familiar turn-off onto the Ortega Highway. For many of us, it was the first time up the road in a long time and certainly since the fire in early August. We couldn’t decide if the hills looked like a lunar landscape, something from a sci-fi movie or just something sad. Difficult as it was, the group pretty much stuck to the speed limits (too low for a Corvette’s liking) and you could just feel the cars straining to let go. Some motorcycles felt we were way too slow or way too old and passed us on the double yellow section at the bottom. There did not seem to be a police presence so everyone got through without tickets, including the bikes.

As we got through Mission Viejo and almost to the 5 Freeway, Jim tried to fool us by taking us alongside the 5 north and then under and back into San Juan Capistrano. Our final destination was Sarducci’s, right at the San Juan Capistrano Railroad Station. We didn’t lose too many cars during the maneuvers, although Bob and Monica Clark seemed to take the long way to the restaurant and were the last in.  Jim and Diane had arranged a private room and a menu of five choices – fish, 2 sandwiches, a Cobb Salad and Fettucini Alfredo with chicken. There were also some special options for those with dietary restrictions.

After our usual chow and chat, but without mooning any of the passing trains (sorry, Steve Page!), everyone broke up to head home, shop in San Juan Capistrano, go to visit the Dana Point Harbor or check out the quaint neighborhood on the other side of the railroad tracks.

It was a great day and a great ride, masterfully organized to the last detail by Jim and Diane Sommars. Kudos to them!