Hosted by Ray and Judy

Ray & Judy

Ray & Judy


 What a beautiful day for a Lunch Run! A group of 32 Corvettes, including Don and Bev Weeks’ brand new (they have only had it a few days) Midnight Blue Metallic C-7, met at the Kohl’s parking lot to see what “mystery” Ray and Judy McIntosh had in mind for us all. We had a number of newish members on their first Lunch Run (the Cookes and the Crooks), some guests (Norm and Ronette brought along friends in their Inferno Orange convertible), some faces we hadn’t seen for a while (Ron and Liz Rose), the walking wounded (Don Weeks with foot encased, Ted Venn with cane, and Rosemary Priebe) as well as lots of regulars who are always up for a Sunday drive and lunch. 

Although the posted meeting time was 9:30 am, there was already a good crowd before 9. Ray McIntosh explained the day’s plan; Bill Steed did a presidential welcome; Bill Stedfield talked about the Corn Maze Car Show on October 5 to try and drum up more interest on behalf of one of our sponsors, Precision Alignment, who is also sponsoring this show; and new members and guests were introduced. The cars lined up and left the lot as close enough to 9:45 am as possible and we trailed around Temecula until we all re-grouped on Rainbow Canyon Road. We then proceeded through the back roads of the area, along West Lilac, into Rainbow and Valley Oaks, and through all of the growing grounds for the nurseries. We made a “potty stop” at a Country Club in the area and then drove along Old 395 on both sides of the 15 Freeway, wending our way back into Temecula.

Lunch was at Patsy’s Kitchen on Jefferson. Most of us were unaware of this breakfast and lunch restaurant, in the same area where the old Tony Roma’s/ then Simply Sharon’s used to be (both since closed.) Considering that our original head count was about 45 and we ended up as 65, they did a great job in seating us at one very, very long table down the middle of the room and the booths alongside it. As could be expected, it is difficult to get 65 meals on the table at the same time, but there was not too much grumbling as everyone took the time to move around and chat with each other, catching up on all the latest news. The meals were probably pretty evenly distributed between breakfasts and lunches and the portions were very generous and very reasonably priced. As folks finished their food, the group slowly shrunk as everyone moved on to whatever they had planned for the rest of their day.

Huge round of applause and thanks to Ray and Judy McIntosh for stepping once again and putting together and fun run and great food!!!