CMON HOT Takes COTV To The Heat

 Brad and Esther Crocker have frequently hosted holiday weekend Mystery Lunch Runs. Logic would tell you that we would have smaller groups as folks would be away or with friends and family, but this hasn’t proven to be true. Remember the Thanksgiving weekend when a whole gang of us got caught in the snow and ice up at the Mount Palomar Observatory and Al Hackworth had a moment of fame on the nightly news? Well, this Memorial Day, Esther, the Queen of RSVPs, had 36 cars and 70 people on her RSVP list. When we met at the Kohl’s lot we had some changes as some did not turn up and some did not RSVP and did turn up, but we still had 36 cars and 66 people. (Thank you for counting heads, Esther!) We welcomed lots of new faces, guests who we hope will want to become members. Dave and Betsy Crook were accompanied by Betsy’s sister Sandra and her husband Kent Peterson, who were visiting from Salt Lake City and actually rented a red 2013 convertible so they would fit in with the club. Jon and April Hoslemo brought their 1972 Pewter Silver car, claiming to be the youngest people with the oldest car. Also joining us were Tom and Mary Ferruggia who were guests last month and members this month and have a 2015 ZO6 on order. Other couples who we hope to see again and again were Bill and Marilyn Watson, Steve and Darlene McClean, Karen and Ron Farr, and Randy and Sally Llner.

 The meeting time was 9:30am, with a departure of 10am, but by 9am there were already a number of cars in the lot. Brad and Esther collected the “exact cash, please” from everyone for the lunch and handed out the envelopes, which we were told to bring into the restaurant so that we could all open them up at the same time and find out who the winner was. Of course, the prize was sitting at their house and Alma suggested that they bring it to the next meeting. We finally got the long train of 36 cars on the road, heading out Hwy 79 for 15 miles and then left on Hwy 371 towards Anza. The potty stop was at the Cahuilla Casino. Apparently several of the members made some quick and successful bets on the machines before we left for the next leg of the trip. We then headed further on 371 until it dead-ended in Hwy 74 and turned right on Pines to Palms Highway in the direction of Palm Desert. The curvier parts of the road were slower going than Corvettes like as there was a fair amount of holiday traffic around. We reassembled at the bottom of the hill, where the temperature had already hit 107 degrees. Tops went up and air conditioning went on – oh sorry, Jon and April, we forgot you didn’t have that luxury! 

We made a right onto Hwy 111 and then a quick right at Sage Lane and into a parking lot between Hwy 111 and the Paseo. Our final destination was Fresh Agave Mexican Bar and Grill, where we had a choice of two item combos from a list of burritos, enchiladas, flautas, tacos, tostadas, etc. They had set us up on their enclosed patio and we filled just about every square foot of it. Esther had us open the envelopes and the winner was – Alma Boers – who then thought maybe she regretted telling Brad that he didn’t have to go home to get the prize. Later in the lunch, Esther reminded everyone that the Paseo was known for its great shopping, in case the ladies were interested.

As always, a great time was had by all. We hope to see everyone at the Car Show on June 8 at the Promenade. We also hope to see all the visitors become members.

Footnote: For those concerned about Ed Keefer, our longtime friend and member, who was undergoing surgery for brain tumors as a result of his cancer, Bill Steed found out that the surgery was somewhat delayed, but will keep all of us apprised of any developments. We are all keeping Ed and Carolyn in our thoughts!

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