With a Special Dance Number from the COTV Board!


COTV Holiday Party

Wow! Who were all those strangers in their festive outfits?  Oh yes, they were our fellow COTV members dressed to kill for the annual holiday
party.  Hard to recognize them as the same folks we see in jeans and
shorts and t-shirts most of the year.

Vickie Hackworth and Joyce Moore sure set the bar for future events with the rousing success of this year’s event at the Clubhouse at Journey at
Pechanga.  It was a great venue, with lots of space, festive tables,
a welcoming fireplace,  a large dance floor, an open bar and
after we all sat down, really good food. 

We were shy a couple of people as the holiday bug hit.  Joyce Moore
soldiered on with a course of antibiotics.  However, close to 90
members and  friends joined for a meal of salad with a very
interesting dressing,  either prime rib or salmon, and a
selection of chocolate and/or  lemon desserts.  The
service was  great and it was certainly not
your usual “banquet meal.” 

Both old-time members and much more recent ones mingled and
chatted,  ate and then the dancing began, with Mrs. Jones’
Revenge playing covers  of a variety of songs from
our  youth. 

All we can say is that “a good time was had by all”…..
and let’s do it there again next year!

THANKS AGAIN to Vickie and Joyce!

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