That First Car is Cyndee’s! 




COTV at Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze

October 5, 2013

Scott at Precision Alignment, one of the COTV Car Show sponsors asked Bill Stedfield if the COTV could send a group of cars to the 1st Annual Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze at Big Horse Feed on Temecula Parkway. Apparently Scott had been asked by the owners of Big Horse Feed to help organize the car show only three weeks before the event. Always eager to support a COTV sponsor, Bill sent e-mails and spoke about the show at the Mystery Lunch Run on Sunday, September 29, in hopes that we could get a decent showing. As it turned out, October 5 was one of the windiest days we have seen in the Temecula Valley in a long time, not the perfect day for a car show.

Big Horse seeded one of their fields, across from the Corn Maze, so that the participating cars would be on a grass lot instead of dirt. Bill arrived about 7:30 am and was soon joined by the Webers, John Marsh, Alan Thompson, Norm Luckuck (who had not even registered but just drove in), Cyndee O’Brien, Steve Page and then our relatively new members, Randy and Lori Kingston in their 1963 Black Split Window and 1965 Nassau Blue Coupe. Their son, Eric, brought his own non-Corvette, but we didn’t hold it against him since it was a Chevrolet. We set up the shade and the banner, which was a feat in and of itself as the wind continued to gust all day. Bill Stedfield brought donuts for the early morning group. Ted and Judy Venn were also there to support their daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and David, with their spectacular Woodie which was parked right next to us, so we had quite a group. Consult-A-Tech, one of our other sponsors, was also further down the row with some 1960s Cadillacs.

Big Horse had wagon rides, the corn maze, a pumpkin patch, games, pony rides, a huge trampoline and a bungee swing between two poles, so as the day progressed, the crowds grew larger. There were 5-6 food vendors. And if that wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, you could watch while Big Foot crushed Cyndee’s car!

However, the winds never let up and all of the cars, which of course had been cleaned prior to the show were coated with dust. The only saving grace was that everyone was equally dirty.  Many of the COTV group left before the prizes were awarded, but all in all it was a fun day at the Corn Maze.