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The September lunch run led by the Sparks (Val & Kim) and the Macedos (Manuel & Diane) was  a lot of fun. They led us through old town Temecula and old town Murrieta then to our destination in Lake Elsinore, Don Jose restaurant where we all got our fill of Mexican food. The route through both old towns seemed to be a corvette travelling show. All our cars (About 22) paraded beautifully through both towns, attracting much attention as we passed by.  You’ll notice from the pictures below that we met as usual at Kohl’s and enjoyed plenty of friendly fellowship before departing. You will also notice that there are no pictures taken at the restaurant. This is because I was very hungry and once my food was placed in front of me, I completely forgot that I was supposed to be taking pictures. Sorry! I think we need our webmaster and photographer, Rob Weber to get well soon and return to action. Thanks to Judy Mcintosh and Monica Clark for the couple of photos taken along the way and especially to the Sparks and Macedos for planning and leading the event.

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