You Coulda Been a Winner Like……



You’re Still Slappin’ yourself on the Forehead for Missing the Monterey Trip


Kickin’ yourself in the Behind for not going to Big Bear.

So What….

You’ve Earned all the Self Abuse You Can Handle!




Joe & Rosemary

 arranged for another great COTV ROAD TRIP!


Buote’s Prescott Road Trip

We left for Prescott on Thursday the 22nd using the route Joe Priebe had provided us. We arrived about 3:00 pm with no problems due to a flatter and less winding road pulling our trailer with the 66 in it. The other 5 cars left Temecula at 8:45 am on the 23rd.

The group stopped at Quartzsite AZ for a pizza and potty break. The Hampton group arrived at the hotel at 4:00 pm, checked in, and we all left at 4:30 for the meet & greet downtown. The Glenore’s were staying downtown and would meet us there.

The meet and greet was really nice, great food, a Mexican buffet, all this for only $5.00! There was a no host bar and all drinks were $3.00. People were very friendly and we had a great time. We left about 6:30 and went back to the hotel, they had cookies! I told the Hampton group I would unhook my trailer and Carol could take the girls to the car show at their leisure so the guys could leave early.

I had cleaned my car up on Friday but Joe got out early on Saturday to clean his up, it was raining on Thursday coming up, nice to have a trailer! We left the hotel at 8:05 am for the car show; the starting time was 10:00 am. Good thing we left early, we got great parking spots and then the finish up cleaning began. The girls got there at 9:30 to enjoy the best weather this year for any show I have been to. Even though they had the cars in classes the judges just went and picked out cars they liked for the Judges Choice Awards. There were 4 judges not in the club to pick the winners, never saw any of them. I was honored to receive a Judges Choice Award; the first 15 awards were all given to classic cars. There was a really nice red 66 across from us, 4 year frame off restoration; I told him if he did not get a trophy we would have a C2 revolt! He got a sponsors trophy, well deserved!

We left the car show about 2:30 to go back to the hotel, Joe & Rosemary went to visit her nephew and his family, Glenore’s back to their hotel and the rest to the Hampton. I put my car back in the trailer and strapped it down for the trip home. The Priebe’s returned from their visit and we all left for dinner about 6:15, Bill & Sandi rode with Carol and me in my truck to PAPA’S Italian restaurant. We saved a parking place for Joe, he was parked a long way down the street but came right over when we called!

Dinner was great, wonderful food, great company, reasonable too! Rosemary’s nephew Mike and his family joined us for dinner; they have 3 grown children and just had boy & girl twins! After dinner we went back to the hotel, more cookies! We chatted a while before retiring and planned to meet for breakfast.

Sunday morning we met for breakfast and a lady asked if we were here for the Corvette show, we said yes and she began fill our ears with her car career. She used to work on engines, drag race cars and motorcycles. The Priebe’s, Steed’s, & Haley’s were off to “OUT OF AFRICA” AND Carol and me to home, great trip, might want to join us next time!



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Photos by Sandi and Bill

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Photos by Marilyn and Doug

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