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Sponsor Appreciation – Siggy’s – September 20, 2017

OMG, we got to eat again! OMG, we got to eat together two days in a row! OMG, we got to eat huge plates of food again. Do you think we can get through this week without exploding? Oh no, there is a Mystery Lunch Run this weekend as well. We are doomed.

Dave kindly arranged another opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, both to thank a sponsor and to stuff our faces. So off we went to do our duty, this time at Siggy’s, which has a huge menu of very reasonably priced huge plates of food – from Mexican to Greek to pastrami sandwiches to salads to Salisbury steak for Jim Sommars. It was a motley crew of about 22 who met to share laughs, with the usual early arrivals including Bruce Mofford and John and Fritzi McDermott. Skip Hipp joined in with apologies for missing the Rainbow Oaks breakfast but had some excuse about setting his alarm for the wrong day, when we knew he actually wanted to sky dive as well as have breakfast at the Bombshelter instead. Carol and Leonard seemed to be eating a healthy meal until you saw the size of their salads. Marsue took home half her pastrami sandwich and half Daryl’s quesadilla to feed the neighbor teenagers and that was after we had eaten our fill first.

Chuck Sherman reappeared from a Hurricane Irma impacted cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, with some interesting tales. The Varas had their own tales about Lynne’s surprise birthday dinner and concert. Some of the group exchanged tales about plans for Monterey in 2018 and the fact that the event sold out in under 3 weeks and it is still 9 months away. Guess we can start planning the details now.

Bill Stedfield introduced us to the owner and recounted that when he asked if they would be interested in sponsoring the Club they had immediately asked to sign up. So here is another place to go if you are really, really hungry, We hugely recommend it!

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