A group of about 40 hungry COTV members converged on Casa Jimenez in Murrieta to enjoy the fruits of the labor of Carol Buote and Marilyn Watson on Friday morning and what a worthwhile trip it was. The menu included the traditional American favorites like pancakes, eggs and bacon to some Mexican specialties like “chilaquilis” and Juevos Rancheros so there was definitely something to please everyone’s taste. The servers were excellent, making sure that everyone was well taken care of. Some had to wait a few minutes for their order to arrive, but that’s to be expected when 40 people all sit down at once and want to be served NOW! The noise level was a little loud but lessened as the food arrived at the tables, only to rise again as the food was consumed. It was a wonderful morning that was well planned by Carol and Marilyn. In addition to the usual suspects, new members John and Fritzi McDermott and Bruce Mofford attended. You can see their pictures as well as others below. 

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