What better way to start the day than with…

Burgers and Beers?!?

Friday, September 4, was the most recent in a series of fun “breakfast socials” started by Vickie during her tenure as Activities Coordinator and it was a great way to kick off a holiday weekend. As always, Vickie had found a perfect patio for the group to meet on and had made all the arrangements perfectly….however, there was a small glitch as the manager at Burgers and Beers forgot to tell his morning staff that there would be a hungry horde of Corvettes and their owners descending on the restaurant at 9am (or earlier as is the norm with COTV events!) so the assistant manager, Jose, and his bus boy, Miguel, found themselves seating, providing coffee, taking orders, serving and doing separate checks for perhaps 40 club members. 

Yes, the name of the place is Burgers and Beers and they have lots of well, Burgers and Beers, on the menu, but they also have a very large selection of breakfast combos and they are all very generous in size and reasonable in price. There was an occasional delay in getting an order or part of an order to the table, but everyone was in a pre-holiday and understanding mood. Also, when there is a lot to talk about like: Doug and Marilyn’s Museum delivery and drive back in their 2016 silver convertible; Ray and Judy’s kitchen re-model; Grace Stell’s upcoming trip to Hawaii and Tahiti (without Charlie); Leonard and Carole’s Dream Cruise 2015 and all of the plans the Buotes, Glenores and Webers are making for Dream Cruise 2016 and beyond; who is doing what about Monterey and beyond 2016; and on and on…..

To thank COTV for being such a nice group, the staff gave out $10 gift cards to encourage us all to head back and order some, well, Burgers and Beer. That just might do the trick since we are sooooo easy!


.Burgers & Beer

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