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It was a beautiful sunday morning and Charlie Stell stood upon his 10 inch pedastal (see picture) to begin his safety sermon. About 30 drivers along with their passengers listened (not very attentively) as charlie introduced 2 new members and 4 guests who were joining us for the day. Charlie explained that the initial part of the run had many lights and would require us to re-group on rainbow valley road. Charlie, being anxious to get going, pulled out at 9:55. Fortuneately, the late arrivers, including Al and Vickie, saw us pulling out and were able to join in what would be a very interesting run. As planned, we made it to rainbow valley rd. By this point we had already lost 2 cars who went toward Pechanga before realizing the error of their ways and turning around. Once reunited, we continued on the run through rainbow, to hwy 76 via Rice canyon rd, a beautiful, winding scenic road. At hwy 76 we turned left to couser canyon rd and turned right. This is where it got really interesting.  As drivers enjoyed the scenery, the gaps grew, the cars lost sight of each other and problems ensued. When Charlie got to Old castle rd, he and the few cars still within sight turned right to hwy 395. Here they turned left and waited to regroup. When the remaining 20 cars got to old castle, they turned left toward Valley Center. This is where we became 2 lunch runs (maybe a first?). Coordinating via cell phone, Grace and Judy decided  that they would each lead their groups to the destination and meet up there. Charlie’s group continued on hwy 395 to Valley pkwy to the destination. When they were waiting to turn onto Valley pkwy they saw the wayward group, led by Ray and Judy cross in front of them. That group had come by way of Valley Center to Valley pkwy. Both groups arrived at the destination  at the same time and enjoyed BBQ at Mike’s BBQ in Escondido. The food was good, the frienship was great and the stories of the trip were abounding and will last in our memories for a long time. Thanks to Charlie and Grace for a fun trip with lasting memories.