Hosted by our sponsor, Paradise Chevrolet
 and led by Lou Long

It was a LollapaLOUza of a day!

Poor Lou Long, our fantastic sponsor rep from Paradise, rarely gets to join in on a Mystery Lunch Run as the last Sunday of a month is a big day at Paradise for sales reps. Once a year, if he is lucky, he gets to drive a Corvette at the front of the line and go somewhere for a few hours, before he heads back to work. Of course, the downside is that he has to plan the Mystery Lunch Run or in August’s case, the Not So Mysterious Lunch Run.

 Lured by the prospect of donuts and coffee, more than 50 Corvettes miraculously appeared at the dealership starting at 7:30am (COTV’s version of an 8am meeting time)! In addition to the regular cast of 100s we had some new faces and some potential new members including Paul from Moreno Valley, who couldn’t make the ride itself but took an application; Fred and Tyler Fox, a father-son team in another yellow C7 (Fred) and a burgundy C5 (Tyler), who showed real interest; and Taveres Carver, another potential member. The three last listed above were introduced by Dee Edwards, who had met them the day before. Also joining us were Alessandro and Ramona from Hemet, better known to a discerning few as Howard and Anna Hoyt of Corvettes West. Recent member additions, Nando De Luna and Cindy Machado, are turning up all over the place. Kim Sparks had his grandson with him. Some turned up for the photo op before the run and then excused themselves but the rest of the gang lined up to caravan to our next destination.

Check out the group photos to see the Priebes’ new red ZO6 and the Glenores’ new silver Z51 and all of the gorgeous C7s, now beginning to outnumber any other models in the club. Since Joe brought his NEW car instead of his OLD car, kudos for having the oldest running car in the line go to Terry and Wendy Converse for the RACE RAT. Marsue Page gets extra credit for coming in her German “Corvette” and Rob and Daryl had to use their fall-back car since the ZR1 was down with terminal flat “tire-itis.” So you won’t see those cars in the group shots.

At 9am. Lou, in a red C7 convertible, led the group of 53 stellar Corvettes (and a couple of mongrels) around the dealership and out onto the 15 South, heading to San Diego. Rob and Daryl made an effort to do drive-by photos of as many cars and drivers as possible, although they don’t guarantee that everyone will look their best. We all ended up at Balboa Park and our destination, the San Diego Automotive Museum, at about 10 am and spent an hour or so checking out all the exhibits of cars, motorcycles and the JettVett, a hybrid of both. Then we adjourned to the upstairs meeting room for box lunches from the San Diego Catering Company – a variety of sandwiches, chips, cookies and fruit, with assorted drinks. The sandwiches were exceptional (especially the chicken salad on raisin bread – the opinion of everyone who tried it). 

We will have to get Paradise to let Lou out to play more often, since he did such a stellar job of putting this event together. Perhaps if we all buy more cars from him, he can come along again!!!!!