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As advertised, the August mystery lunch run, hosted by the Homans and the Isenbergs, was a trip to a very special place.  About 30 shiny corvettes met at Kohl’s at 9:30 and departed promptly at 10:00. It was a beautiful, sunny day so many had tops down or stowed to enjoy the ride which took us through La Cresta and De Luz. We descended from De Luz on Rancho California rd and continued east to South Coast Winery for a potty break. After a short break and some “chitty chat” (quote from Al Hackworth), we continued on to our lunch destination, Oak Mountain winery. We received a short history of the winery from the owner. She explained that her husband built the facility over a period of 2 years. He actually bored into the hillside where he built the tasting rooms and cellars. At some places the facility is over 100 feet below ground level which results in a year round temperature of 62-68 degrees. It is truly a beautiful place worthy of a visit. After a quick tour, we were led to our private dining area in the “Cave” where we were served a tasty lunch of salad, rolls, pasta, chicken, broccolini and cannolis. Wine and beer were available for purchase, of course. We had a wonderful ride on a wonderful day with wonderful friends to a wonderful place where we enjoyed a wonderful meal. You can’t ask for more. Thanks to Debbie and Mike Homan and Chuck and Terry Isenberg for planning and leading such a wonderful event.

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