We received the following message from Armando:
“I am sorry to inform you that current world events have required both Camp Pendleton and the Marine Corps Air Station to set their security level at Force Protection Bravo, and, as a result, we (COTV) will not be sponsored aboard the Air Station for our planned event while the Air Station is at the current security level.”
This event is postponed until security
levels once again allow visitors.


Thanks Armando for your efforts! 



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Visit to Camp Pendleton

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

COTV member Armando Diaz has invited his fellow club

members to accompany him on a visit to Camp Pendleton.

So far, we have 25 sign ups for the event.

The Air Station will sponsor our group by setting up a static display of

the Huey, Cobra (attack Helicopter) and MV-22 (VSTOL, Vertical

Short Take-Off Aircraft) just for us. Their regular military flight

operations will also be taking place during this time. So we will

be able to catch a glimpse of those too.

Afterwards we will dine on base at the Pacific View Restaurant.

You can order off the menu or choose the
day’s specialty which is an
all-you-can-eat catfish meal for $11.

Price depends on the lunch you order.

If you plan on attending RSVP to Vickie cotvactivities@gmail.com