dinner is served.
pizza factory

In spite of the absence of many of the usual suspects who were on their way to participate in “Vettes on the Rockies”, a sizeable COTV presence was made for our annual sponsor appreciation dinner at The Pizza Factory. As usual, the “Bat” was first to arrive. He led our group of 27 to the party room which was fairly full. The group included many of the old timers and newer members like Wes Carrole and Carol Schartoff. The service was excellent, as usual, and the food was very good, ranging from salads to sandwiches and pizza. There was no shortage of conversation topics. It was, at times, so loud that even Al Hackworth couldn’t be heard. the Bat asked the manager to come in so we could thank The Pizza Factory for another great year of their support. It’s been many years of a good relationship and COTV thanks them for it. Thanks, also, to our members who attended to show their appreciation. Please take a look at the pictures below;

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Pictures from Wes Carroll

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