Wednesday July 25 

Guadalajara Mexican Grill

Sponsor Appreciation Dinner

When you pulled into the parking lot at Guadalajara in Temecula, you might have guessed that they were having an event. Every space was taken and not necessarily by Corvettes, so lots of others had the bright idea of having someone else do the cooking on this day of “Extreme Heat Warning”. Bruce Mofford, being the early bird, had a prime spot, but many of us parked in lots for other buildings. Knowing how tight the parking lot actually is, we hope that we remember to go next door to the Charter School lot next time….so much easier.

It was a relatively small but still “eager to eat” crowd of 22 in the back room. The Boers, Bruce, Bill Stedfield and the Lokkens grabbed the first booth. The Watsons and Finches followed. Then the Pages and then the Webers and Re’s, which left the longer table for the Sommars, the Crowthers and Chuck Sherman. Leo Biller squeezed another chair in with the first group. Service was good and food was plentiful.

We give our congratulations to Mike and Denise Re over the birth of their lovely grand daughter, Summer Ann, and hope, for her parents’ sake and sanity that she starts to sleep through the night soon.

We want to thank Dave Hellman for planning the dinner, even though he was out-of-state and didn’t attend. We also want to thank Guadalajara for being such a long-term sponsor of COTV.

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