Country Kitchen

Breakfast Social – July 17, 2018

Maybe we aren’t as “social” or as “hungry” or as interested in getting up early in these hot days of summer, because it was a slightly smaller than usual group of 24 who met at the very new Country Kitchen in Wildomar.

It was the usual suspects, with a few exceptions. Marilyn Glenore came alone to celebrate her 75th birthday, which is actually on Thursday. Doug was doing corporate tax work. Jim Sommars joined the bachelor group of Skip Hipp, Mike Marty and Bruce Mofford. The Finches brought their 20 year old granddaughter, Stephanie, who is visiting before work and school ramp up again. The Crooks and Mike Marty had actually done a “pre-run” on Sunday so were familiar with location and menu. Bruce apparently knew our waitress, Laura, from a previous stint at Applebee’s.

The food was good and Laura had a system of numbering each order so she could get her bills out correctly. She was surprised to see so many of us so early, but later understood that it was to her benefit to have orders placed and filled in waves instead of all at once.

Carol Buote said that she and Marilyn try to find new places to go. It fills a double bill of supporting new businesses and of getting our group into a restaurant before it becomes so busy that it can’t accommodate us. As always, we “thank them for their service” in organizing a new culinary adventure every other month.


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