6/8/2016 YOSEMITE TO BISHOP – Yosemite, Tioga Pass & the June Lake Loop



The remaining eight gathered for departure from Tenaya Lodge just after 9am. It was another clear and sunny day, although with some warmth. Since Jim and Diane had not gone into the Park the previous day and the Stevens and Webers had not gone as far as the Village on their day trip with the Priebes, we all followed Doug and Marilyn into the Park and all the way to the Village Store, with a couple of opportunities for oohs and aahs at the magnificient scenery. We then circled back to Tioga Road and headed out to the Tioga Pass and on to Hwy 395.

The pass had only been open a few weeks and there was still a lot of snow as we climbed up to the 9000+ foot level. We stopped at a few viewpoints for panoramic views of the Valley and saw Half Dome from the 3rd or 4th angle of the trip. While the others stopped for a rest at Tuolomne Meadows, the Webers shot ahead to fill the tank of the thirsty beast before we all headed south on 395 towards Bishop.

Doug and Marilyn had planned a lovely detour along the June Lake Loop and a stop for lunch at the Double Eagle Resort in the Eagles’ Landing Restaurant. We were all very favorably impressed by the restaurant, the service, the setting and the food and enjoyed a leisurely meal before looping back onto 395 for the 60 miles south into Bishop. We got to the Creekside Inn about 6 hours after we left Tenaya Lodge. We checked in to our creek side rooms and most of us took a dip in the pool, while Diane took a nap.

Dinner was unplanned since most of us were not very hungry. Doug and Marilyn skipped the meal altogether, but the rest of us ended up at Jack’s which has been in business for 70 years and as Jim said, is a solid 5. Certainly neither the setting nor the food were as spectacular as we have been enjoying, but Bishop seems to be in a culinary no man’s land at this point and “beggards can’t be choosers.” We will make up for it by stocking up at Eric Schaat’s Bakery tomorrow morning before leaving for home.

The wonderful finale to a fantastic trip was the amazing sky of pinks and blues surrounding us as we walked back from dinner and sat outside our rooms. The red, cloud filled, western sky stretched from horizon to horizon.  It certainly added a huge exclamation mark to a great time had by all. We are already talking about options for the coming year, so hope that more of the COTV gang will see these photos and words and want to share in the good times.


Pics from Marilyn & Doug

IMG_0129 IMG_0128 IMG_0127


Pics from Darlena & Curt
If you look closely at the enlarged version of Curt’s last two pics you’ll see a rainbow in the middle cloud edge.

C200 C201 C202 C203 C204 C205 C206 C207 C208 C209 C210 C211 C212 C213 C214 C215 C216 C217 C218 C219 C220 C221 C222 C223 C224 C225 C226 C227 C228 C229 C230 C231 C232 C233 C234 C235 C236 C237 C238 C239 C240 C241 C242


Pics from Daryl & Rob

C300 C301 C302 C303 C304 C305 MR200 MR201 MR202 MR203 MR204 MR205 MR206 MR207 MR208 MR209 MR210 MR211 MR212 MR213 MR214 MR215 MR216 MR217 MR218 MR219 MR220 MR221 MR222 MR223 MR224 MR225 MR226 MR227 MR228 MR229 MR230 MR231 MR232 MR233 MR234 MR235 MR236 MR237 MR238 MR239 MR240 MR241 MR242 MR243 MR244 MR245 MR246 MR247 MR248 MR249 MR250 MR251 MR252 MR253 MR254 MR255 MR256 MR257 MR258 MR259 MR260 MR261 MR262 MR263 MR264 MR265 MR266 MR267 MR268 MR269 MR270 MR271 MR272 MR273 MR274 MR275 MR276 MR277 MR278 MR279 MR280 MR281 MR282 MR283 MR284 MR285 MR286 MR287 MR288 MR289 MR290






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