6/7/2016 YOSEMITE – Half Dome, Pioneer Village, Joe Brought the Beer


Our unstructured day in the Yosemite area was exactly as advertised. Al and Vickie left the hotel and headed home as Al’s “cold” had continued to get worse and Vickie was getting the bug as well, so they thought it best to head home, visit the doctor and get some antibiotics. Jim and Diane hung out around the Lodge – Jim (who somehow caught the clean car bug!) cleaned his car for hours according to Diane and she had scheduled a spa treatment at 3pm, so they just relaxed in place. Hans and Alma left early, parked in the Yosemite Valley and took the Yosemite Shuttle from stops 3 through 20, with lunch somewhere along the way. Doug and Marilyn left the hotel at the crack of dawn and went into the Park and checked things out at the Village, etc. They were heading out as the Priebes, Stevens and Webers were on their way in, so were back to the Lodge for a highly rated Reuben sandwich lunch. The PSW group left at 10 and drove into the Park and to Glacier Point where they spent an hour or so taking photos of the waterfalls and themselves, then stopping at a variety of viewpoints through the Park and ending up with a self-guided tour of the Pioneer History Exhibit at Wawona before getting back to the Lodge about 3pm. By that time, Jim and Hans joined PSW for beer or drinks on the terrace. Joe brought the beer.  Then we all headed for our rooms to clean up for dinner.

We met in the lobby at 6:30 and then went into the Sierra Restaurant for our final dinner with most of the group intact. Both the Priebes and Boers are heading straight home the next morning. The Hackworths were probably already at the doctor’s or at home trying to recuperate in time for their Alaska cruise. The Glenores will lead the 5th leg of the trip from Yosemite to Bishop and the group has now shrunk to the Glenores, Sommars, Stevens and Webers. By Thursday night, this group trip will be a thing of the past….but not forgotten.

Pics from Marilyn & Doug

IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110

Pics from Alma & Hans


IMG_2514 IMG_2513 IMG_2511



Pics from Darlena & Curt

C1200 C2200 C3200 C4200 C5200 C6200 C7200 C8200 C9200 C10200 C11200 C12200 C13200 C14200 C15200 C16200 C17200 C18200 C19200 C20200 C21200 C22200 C23200 C24200 C25200 C26200 C27200 C28200 C29200 C30200 C31200 C32200 C33200 C34200 C35200 C36200 C37200 C38200 C39200 C40200 C41200 C42200 C43200 C44200 C45200 C46200 C47200 C48200 C49200 C50200 C51200 C52200 C53200 C54200 C55200 C56200 C57200 C58200 C59200 C60200 C61200 C62200 C63200 C64200 C65200 C66200 C67200 C68200 C69200 C70200 C71200 C72200 C73200 C74200 C75200 C76200 C77200 C78200 C79200 C80200 C81200 C82200 C83200 C84200 C85200 C86200 C87200 C88200 C89200 C90200 C91200 C92200 C93200 C94200 C95200 C96200 C97200 C98200 C99200 C100200 C101200 C102200 C103200 C104200 C105200 C106200 C107200 C108200 C109200 C110200 C111200 C112200 C113200 C114200 C115200 C116200 C117200 C118200 C119200 C120200 C121200 C122200 C123200 C124200 C125200 C126200 C127200 C128200 C129200 C130200 C131200 C132200 C133200 C134200 C135200 C136200 C137200 C138200 C139200 C140200 C141200 C142200 C143200 C144200 C145200

Pics from Daryl & Rob

MR1200 MR2200 MR3200 MR4200 MR5200 MR6200 MR7200 MR9200 MR10200 MR11200 MR12200 MR13200 MR14200 MR15200 MR16200 MR17200 MR18200 MR19200 MR20200 MR21200 MR22200 MR23200 MR24200 MR25200 MR26200 MR27200 MR28200 MR29200 MR30200 MR31200 MR32200 MR33200 MR34200 MR35200 MR36200 MR37200 MR38200 MR39200 MR40200 MR41200 MR42200 MR43200 MR44200 MR45200 MR46200 MR47200 MR48200 MR49200 MR50200 MR51200 MR52200 MR53200 MR54200 MR55200 MR56200 MR57200 MR58200 MR59200 MR60200 MR61200 MR62200 MR64200 MR65200 MR66200 MR75200 MR76200 MR77200 MR78200 MR79200 MR80200 MR81200 MR82200 MR83200 MR84200 MR85200 MR86200 MR87200 MR88200 MR89200 MR90200 MR91200 MR92200 MR93200 MR94200 MR95200 MR96200 MR97200 MR98200 MR99200 MR100200 MR101200 MR102200 MR103200 MR104200 MR105200 MR106200 MR107200 MR109200 MR110200 MR111200 MR112200 MR113200






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