Our party of intrepid adventures, now numbered 14, spent an interesting night at Sutter Creek Inn. The Webers and Sommars had perhaps a more interesting night than some as the beds in their rooms were suspended from the ceiling on chains (you can use your imagination to figure out how interesting that might be!) Each room in the Inn is different, in a funky sort of way, so we all had funny stories to exchange at breakfast. Some of us got up early and walked the town. Most of us got up early and packed the cars. For some, getting up early is a feat in itself.

We threw the whole schedule of the Inn off for the day as we wanted to leave by 8:30am and the innkeeper was steadfast in wanting to serve breakfast at 9am as she usually does. However, after some discussion with Vickie she bent the rules and served our group at 8:10 as long as we did not sit at the tables before she rang the bell. The breakfast spread was excellent, with artichoke fritatta, homemade apple quick bread, ham, and fresh fruit. Of course, we really needed to eat another meal. As Jim Sommars would say….”and so we eat.”

We headed off on this leg pretty much on time, picking up 49 just a short distance from the Inn and staying on it for almost 50 miles. Sometimes we had traffic issues, like following two Cal Fire trucks for miles, but generally the roads were great and we got to our first destination earlier than we thought. We parked at the Columbia State Historic Park and then spent some time in the museum before we met Dolores, a senior park aide, who gave us a private tour of the old town and showed us both old black and white photos and the actual buildings which played a part in the growth of the mining town at Columbia.

By the end of the tour, it was time to eat again so we went to Kate’s Tea Room for a light lunch and, obviously, a large choice of teas. By then the temperatures had reached close to 100 and the old building that housed the Tea Room was not set up for AC so our lunch room was at 86 when we arrived and with all our bodies in it, went up to 89 by the time we left. When we got to the cars it was over 100 and some of us found the heat had overheated some items – Al and Vickie had lemons that had gone very soft; Rob and Daryl had to air cool the batteries in their walkie-talkies before they could use them; Jim and DIane had very hot wine.

The leg to Mariposa was a very challenging drive with rising elevations and lots and lots of curves. The scenery was great and the driving was fun for those who enjoy that sort of thing (Doug, Jim, Joe, Al, Curt and Rob – you know who you are!) However, by the time we reached Mariposa it was time for some to head to the hotel so the Boers and Glenores called it a day on the road trip part and headed to Tenaya. The rest of the group did a self-guided tour of the Mariposa museum and all its historical items. A friend of Al’s who lives there then demonstrated an old five stamp machine, which crushes rock into dust so they can separate any gold. By the end of the demonstration outside in the 100 degree sun, we were pretty much all crushed. Al and Vickie stayed in Mariposa to have dinner with the friends and the rest of us headed to Tenaya, another 50 miles on 49 and 41 through pine forests which are unfortunately showing the impact of the pine bore beetle’s destruction. We got checked in and had some time for unpacking and showers (much needed) before meeting in Jackalope’s Bar and Grill for a casual dinner.

We had a 30 second business meeting before eating, where we determined that Tuesday would be “unstructured”. We could all do as much or as little as we wanted, alone or together. There was talk of swimming and the spa and some sightseeing and of course, Jim and Diane talked about lunch at the Awahnee (or whatever they call it now!)….and so, we eat. In that vein, we will all meet again for dinner and exchange notes on what we did during the day.



Pics from Vickie & Al

v300 v301 v302


Pics from Alma & Hans

H8 H7 H6


Pics from Darlena & Curt

C138 C139 C140 C141 C142 C143

C138 C139 C140 C141 C142 C143 C1200 C2200 C3200 C4200 C5200 C6200 C7200 C8200 C9200 C10200 C11200 C12200 C13200 C14200 C15200 C16200 C17200 C18200 C19200 C20200 C21200 C22200 C23200 C24200 C25200 C26200 C27200 C28200 C29200 C30200 C31200 C32200 C33200 C34200 C35200 C36200 C37200 C38200 C39200 C40200 C41200 C42200 C43200 C44200 C45200 C46200 C47200 C48200 C49200 C50200 C51200 C52200 C53200 C54200 C55200 C56200 C57200 C58200 C59200 C60200 C61200 C62200 C63200 C64200 C65200 C66200 C67200 C68200 C69200 C70200 C71200 C72200 C73200 C74200 C75200 C76200 C77200 C78200 C79200 C80200 C81200 C82200 C83200 C84200 C85200 C86200 C87200 C88200 C89200 C90200 C91200 C92200 C93200 C94200 C95200 C96200 C97200 C98200 C99200 C100200 C101200 C102200 C103200 C104200 C105200 C106200 C107200 C108200 C109200 C110200 C111200 C112200 C113200 C114200 C115200 C116200 C117200 C118200 C119200 C120200 C121200 C122200 C123200 C124200 C125200 C126200 C127200 C128200 C129200 C130200 C131200 C132200 C133200 C134200 C135200 C136200 C137200 C138200 C139200 C140200 C141200 C142200 C143200 C144200 C145200

Pics from Daryl & Rob
For Some Reason These Pics Loaded in Reverse Order
That’s Doug at dinner with the Tofu Stir Fry

MRd148 MRd147 MRd146 MRd145 MRd144 MRd143 MRd142 MRd141 MRd140 MRd139 MRd138 MRd137 MRd136 MRd135 MRd134 MRd133 MRd132 MRd131 MRd130 MRd129 MRd128 MRd127 MRd126 MRd125 MRd124 MRd123 MRd122 MRd121 MRd120 MRd119 MRd118 MRd117 MRd116 MRd115 MRd114 MRd113 MRd112 MRd111 MRd110 MRd109 MRd108 MRd107 MRd106 MRd105 MRd104 MRd103 MRd102 MRd101 MRd100 MRd99 MRd98 MRd97 MRd96 MRd95 MRd94 MRd93 MRd92 MRd91 MRd90 MRd89 MRd88 MRd87 MRd86 MRd85 MRd84 MRd83 MRd82 MRd81 MRd80 MRd79 MRd78 MRd77 MRd76 MRd75 MRd74 MRd73 MRd72 MRd71 MRd70 MRd69 MRd68 MRd67 MRd66 MRd65 MRd64 MRd63 MRd62 MRd61 MRd60 MRd59 MRd58 MRd57 MRd56 MRd55 MRd54 MRd53 MRd52 MRd51 MRd50 MRd49 MRd48 MRd47 MRd46 MRd45 MRd44 MRd43 MRd42 MRd41 MRd40 MRd39 MRd38 MRd37 MRd36 MRd35 MRd34 MRd33 MRd32 MRd31 MRd30 MRd29 MRd28 MRd27 MRd26 MRd25 MRd24 MRd23 MRd22 MRd21 MRd20 MRd19 MRd18 MRd17 MRd16








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