Saturday dawned with plenty of June gloom, but that didn’t stop Rob Weber, Joe Priebe, Doug Glenore, Mike Kidd and Bob Smith (in order of appearance in the early morning hours) from going to the parking lot and preparing their cars for judging in the Show ‘n Shine car show. MPCC has a judged show with clear rules dividing Stock from Custom. In addition, they provide a ballot to each participant for a popular vote of one car. Judging started at 9am and was done by 11am, so that everyone could participate in the Poker Run. The two hours passed in viewing all the other cars – mostly C7s now and a big change from our last visit. There were the usual classes for generations from C1 to C7 and then a class for ZR1/Z06 and Grand Sport. All custom cars were in one group. We have seen Chuck August’s trophies in the past and also the ones he prepared for this year and Doug and Marilyn won their class in 2014, so everyone would like to win something here.

The Poker Run was supposed to start in an orderly fashion, releasing a few cars every few minutes, but everyone was so eager to get going that there were two long lines of folks waiting to have their cards punched with whatever they drew from the bag. Each participant received one card as part of the registration and some of us bought extras to increase our odds. (It didn’t seem to work!) The course of the run took in Cannery Row and Oceanview through Pacific Grove and by Asilomar, before we entered 17 Mile Drive (the entrance for 100 Corvettes was a charitable donation so we all got in without the $10 fee.) The second card draw was at Bird Rock along 17 Mile Drive, which we then followed through until we exited at the Highway 1 Gate. We then drove into the Carmel area and took the Carmel Valley Road exit, winding through the valley until we took Laureles Grade Road into Hidden Hills for the next draw at a member’s residence deep in the valley. Back up and over The Grade and down onto Hwy 68 heading west past Laguna Seca and up into the Ryan Ranch business complex for the fourth draw before heading back to the Embassy Suites for the last draw and the disappointed realization that we had hands full of nothing, unless we could possibly win for low card or maybe “no” card hands. Some of us drowned our sorrows with a quick light meal at Chili’s on the other side of the parking lot.

The open bar opened at 5:30 and dinner started at 7pm with assigned table seating – COTV was at three tables this year. During the meal, announcements were made about the winners of the various events and awards. COTV tied for second largest club participation. Their version of a 50/50 is in reverse. They pull 10 numbers and then announce losers 10 through 2 with the final number being the winner. Hans and Alma had purchased tickets at the last minute and she was the third loser, but he was called for the winning number and won over $400. They had a great weekend with the cash winnings and being upgraded to the Presidential Suite. COTV had no luck with the Mystery Box, which ended up being a very nice radar detector. We also were not winners in the Poker Run or the Treasure Hunt, but we sure had fun. Chuck August then announced the winners of his handmade trophies for the car show. Another of the three judges sat with the Webers, Stevens and Sommars and he said that all the cars which asked to be judged were so good that they had to find little issues to take off points to determine the winners. We were fortunate enough to have two winners in our group – Bob Smith and Rose Streets won an Award of Excellence in Custom and the Webers got one in the class for “Z” cars and Grand Sports. Although we believed that Joe Priebe should have won an award for his pace car and Doug Glenore and Curt Stevens should have been winners in C-7, we all agreed that the overall Best in Show and People’s Choice was well deserved by the Crosswhites from the Cameron Park Club.

Some of us had some luck in the raffle prizes. MPCC puts all the items out on tables with a slotted box by each one and you put one or more of your tickets in the boxes of the items you would like to win. They then draw a ticket from each box to determine the winner. As a group we had hoped to win the beautifully made Corvette Racing bean bag toss game for the Club. The Hackworths were going to pick it up in the motor home on an upcoming trip, but it was not in the cards…or the tickets. Diane Sommars won a crystal bowl; Doug Glenore won a cooler/chair; Mike & Marga won a basket; Daryl won two signs;  and so it went. No one wanted to win anything too large to transport since all of our cars were pretty full to start with, especially those convertibles, and for some of us there are still days to travel.

So we said goodnight to Bob and Rose and Mike and Marga, who are not going on the next legs. The Stedfields had already moved on to their next part of the trip. The 7 remaining couples are wheels up at 9:15 tomorrow for the rest of the adventure – on to Sacramento and then to Sutter Creek – led by Jim and Diane.


Pics from Alma & Hans



Pics from Darlena & Curt

C109 C110 C111 C112 C113 C114 C115 C116 C117 C118 C119 C120 C121 C122 C123 C124 C125 C126 C127 C128 C129 C130 C131 C132 C133 C134 C135 C136 C137


Pics from Daryl & Rob

 MR495 MR496 MR497 MR498 MR499 MR500 MR501 MR502 MR503 MR504 MR505 MR506 MR507 MR508 MR509 MR510 MR511 MR512 MR513 MR514 MR515 MR516 MR517 MR518 MR519 MR520 MR521 MR522 MR523 MR524 MR525 MR526

 d527 d528 d529 d530 d531 d532 d533 d534 d535 d536 d537 d538 d539 d540 d541 d542 d543 d544 d545 d546 d547 d548 d549 d550 d551 d552 d553 d554 d555 d556 d557 d558 d559 d560 d561 d562 d563 d564 d565 d566






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