Annual COTV Membership Picnic

We had a GREAT Time!


Simon Took a Swim!


There Was A lot of Food!


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COTV Annual Picnic 2017



We have tried to substitute our annual club picnic for a Mystery Lunch Run, but when it falls on Memorial Day Weekend, it just doesn’t work very well. So, this year it was determined to hold it on Sunday, June 4, which of course was one of the hottest days in this recent period.



Simon and Terry Bleeker, who last year rejoined the club after a long break to raise kids and who bought a new C7 just so they could have a great car to drive on MLRs, volunteered not only to organize the picnic but, silly them, to host it at their home in the Glen Oak Hills area of Temecula. They promised that their 8+ acres would be large enough to hold as many of the group as wanted to turn up and that there would be horseshoes and bocce ball, etc. for those who wanted to do something more active.



We had decided this year to revert to our old-style picnic, which means the club pays for the main course and everyone brings something to add to the meal – salads, side dishes, snacks, desserts. When you have 106 RSVPs by the day of the event, the more food the merrier. Most of us met at the usual place, Kohls’ parking lot, and convoyed to the Bleekers house about 9 miles away. Some, like the Watsons who live “just around the corner” met us there. It was already pretty warm and sunny when we set off at 10:35, led by our fearless Jim Sommars, without Diane who was at family events in OC. There were obviously lots of beautiful Corvettes and a few other vehicles. Leonard drove his harem of Carol and Willie, so had the truck. Jerri Lynn drove her Jeep since John is still disabled from his surgery. The Patrons drove two cars since they brought the two kids.



It is impossible to mention all 100 or so picnic fans individually, but we had Norm Luckuck, who has been a member since 2005 and came to celebrate a cancer-free birthday with all his friends. Samantha and Frank Caliandro joined us and literally joined the club at the parking lot. Hans and Alma are in town for a few days between trips and were there. The Glenores and Stevens were all back from their European travels, although the Glenores got caught up in the British Airways travel mess while the Stevens’ plane left just before the computer system crashed. The Priebes came in the Pace Car because it is a convertible. Chuck Sherman, who is alternating between his daughters, brought Debbie. We don’t often see Dayton and Pam Taylor but Dayton was helping the Bleekers’ son direct the parking and Pam was helping Terry in the kitchen. Stuart Bleeker had just graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering this week, all in preparation for parking and trash collection duties.



Speaking of the kitchen … there was so much food that no one could possibly go hungry. There must have been 20 salads and you could get a chocolate high just from being in the room with all the desserts. People loaded up their plates with the first course of salads and snacks and took them back to their chairs under the old oak trees. Then Simon started cooking hamburgers and hot dogs, which could be topped with Terry’s chili if you wanted. By the time Simon had been at the barbecue in the sun for a while, he was ready for a fully clothed dive into the pool. Some ate their meats at the tables inside or out and others headed back to the shade.



After lunch, there was more conversation and some attempts at group photos (so many people, so little space!) or there was always a continuation of the horseshoe matches. Finally people started packing up to head out with many thanks to the Bleeker clan for a wonderful relaxing day, with our favorite activity first on the list – EATING! See you all at the meeting this week, or on the way to Lake Tahoe with 18 cars, or on the Mystery Lunch Run at the end of the month. What FUN we can have!! Thanks again to the Bleekers. We loved it!


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