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June Mystery Lunch Run

This summer’s first Mystery Lunch Run was hosted by Mike and Debbie Homan and Dayton and Pam Taylor. They planned a great route, taking us on beautiful winding byways that lie just south of Temec-ula. Their route avoided major streets and highways, instead utilizing many two lane backroads. This made it easy for us to stay together and also enjoy a scenic drive. It was nice to see that even in this time of drought, green trees and shrubs can still be found in our surrounding countryside.

The lunch destination was Fresco Grill, in Bonsall. It is a charming Italian restaurant with very nice décor and ambiance. The all-you-can-eat buffet was really delicious. They had a selection of many different meats, seafood and pastas to choose from. They also had an antipasto station, a custom omelet bar and desserts. Top that off with unlimited champagne, door prizes and fun Corvette trivia and you have a very lovely afternoon. Bravo, bravo, Mike, Debbie, Dayton and Pam! Grazie!