6/2/2016 Monterey & the BBQ


Monterey and the BBQ


Our first full day in Monterey was a free day for all involved. Everyone ran into each other in the breakfast area and then set off to do whatever they wanted until we had to meet for the Early Bird Barbecue and Meet and Greet at 5:15pm.


Doug, Al, Hans, Joe and Jim went over to Laguna Seca as they had heard there was SEC racing/practice and they hoped to be able to watch and maybe catch a ride around the track. Rob worked on the website and negotiated with the hotel regarding a room change. Alma finished a book. Diane had a leisurely morning. Marilyn got to put her legs up. Rosemary had some phone calls to make and Daryl had some housekeeping chores to finish.


Curt and Darlena headed out to the Aquarium and also planned a harbor boat tour. It turned out that they spent 4 1/2 hours at the Aquarium and never did get on a boat. Mike and Marga were the most active of the group – renting bikes and riding around Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf, finding bread, cheese and wine at a market for lunch, and spending the afternoon at the hotel’s indoor pool.


After the “boys” got back from the track, Hans and Alma went into Carmel to window or otherwise shop and had charcuterie and bread at a little European place for lunch. Doug and Marilyn and Rob and Daryl headed to Fisherman’s Wharf for clam chowder in a bread bowl – check that off the list! The place they visited last time had changed hands and it can now be recommended heartily as the new owners are many notches above the last ones. Joe and Rosemary also went to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch, but the two groups did not even see each other.


At 5pm everyone was in the parking lot, waiting for Katie Ruskell to meet us all and lead a group to a welcome barbecue at a private residence in Carmel Valley ( it turned out to be her husband’s sister’s home!) Bill and Cynthia Stedfield and Bob Smith and Rose Streets, who drove up Thursday, arrived just as the caravan was departing and drove to the barbecue after they had checked into the hotel. The small group turned into about 120 folks who caravaned to a street below the residence where two vans met us and ferried us up to the hilltop house.


There were tables set up around the pool and appetizers ready, with sodas, water, beer and wine being served. John Ruskell and Jim Raposo from the Monterey Club had been grilling plenty of tri-tip and pork loin for some time and it was served with potato salad, 3 different green salads, beans, scalloped potato casserole, and garlic bread. After all of that, they served a variety of home-made baked goods, including several kinds of iced cupcakes, 2-3 types of cookies, rice krispy treats, etc. Then they gave out random thank you gifts to members of the group for just being there. The vans then ferried us back down the hill to our cars and we set off for the hotel and a restful night in preparation for the start of the actual event on Friday.



Pics from Bob Smith & Rose Streets

Rose1 Rose2 Rose3 Rose4 Rose5 Rose6 Rose7 Rose8 Rose9 Rose10 Rose11 Rose12 Rose13 Rose14 Rose15 Rose16 Rose17 Rose18 Rose19 Rose20 Rose21 Rose22 Rose23 Rose24 Rose25 Rose26 Rose27 Rose28


Pics from Daryl & Rob

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