COTV Goes to the “Theatah”


Once again, our peerless leader and President, Hans, and his First Lady, Alma, came up with a fun way to get together and do something as a group that we might not have necessarily done alone. We had been to the Lawrence Welk Resort for lunch on a prior Mystery Lunch Run hosted by the Boers and now they suggested that we all go and see a show at the Theater. As momentum built and the idea took hold, the group continued to grow until we had a grand total of 26 members signed up for dinner and the show, a musical that would remind some of us of our youth and had songs that most of us would remember, Grease.

The Boers, Wells, Thompsons, McIntoshes, Smiths, Weeks, Taylors, Roses, and Webers, with bachelor Al Hackworth since Vicki was at a Womens’ Club conference in Arizona, met at the Big Flag and caravaned down to the Welk Resort in Escondido. Some of the ladies took the opportunity to dress up a little, but they were offset by the usual culprits among the men, who wore their shorts (you know who you are, Ray McIntosh and Don Weeks!) Traffic was light and we got to the pre-theater buffet early, but were still not the first as the Buotes with Willie Nagle had beaten us by 5 minutes. Monica Clark and her friend Jeannie arrived a little later and the O’Briens skipped the buffet and got there before the show began. Those who ate had no complaints about the quantity of food available and were comfortably or not so comfortably full after dinner. Some of the ladies headed over to the gift shop and checked out all of the sales. Alma said she wasn’t shopping, she was buying….and she did.

Hans had obtained seats for the group in the first two rows, which meant we were almost on the stage and we didn’t miss any of the action. Unfortunately, they don’t allow photography so our intrepid photographer has no proof of the actual stage work to show. Only one member of the cast was a familiar face or name and that was Rex Smith, who decades ago was a teen idol and has spent the time since doing stage work on Broadway and in regional theater. The remaining singer/dancers were the product of regional theaters and several had experience at Disneyland as cast members. They were both cast and stage crew during the show, moving scenery as well as belting out songs and hoofing across the stage.

All in all we spent a fun few hours in another era and with the great company of our COTV friends before hitting the road to get to our homes and beds. As always, these group events present opportunities to talk with different members and get to know them better and as more than just fellow Corvette owners. We all look forward to more such occasions and thank Hans and Alma for suggesting, planning and orchestrating this one!