6/1/16 Temecula to Cambria to Monterey



Temecula to Cambria to Monterey

Hans and Alma Boers led the first leg of the Monterey and Beyond adventure. The intrepid band of adventurers who met at Douglas Burgers in Lake Elsinore included the Boers, Jim and Diane Sommars, Doug and Marilyn Glenore, Curt and Darlena Stevens, Mike and Marga Kidd and Al and Vickie Hackworth. Unfortunately, our President, Glenn Crowther and his First Lady Patty, were missing in action as he was injured and unable to drive and had to make a last-minute cancelation.

Hans had planned an action-packed day with a stop for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Glendale, a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Santa Barbara and a tour of Morro Bay. Such a busy schedule invariably gets behind on the clock and the group split into two factions, one making it to Cambria a little earlier than the other, but neither checking into the night’s lodging before dinner. Rob and Daryl Weber had come up a few days earlier to check on Daryl’s Mom and joined the group at dinner at Indigo Moon on Main Street in Cambria.

The next morning, the Webers drove up to the Best Western Cavalier in San Simeon all packed and ready for the next ten days of COTV travel. Curt and Darlena led the second leg into the June Gloom which enveloped the coastline and we headed to our first quick stop, the elephant seal conservation area. We had a lunch reservation at Nepenthe in Big Sur and needed to get there by a specific time, so we then headed further north in the gloom and mist. We made another quick stop at Ragged Point to use the facilities before proceeding, along with many other summer travelers, through the fog at a relatively slow pace to Nepenthe. Past experience had prepared us for the difficulty of parking 7 Corvettes, but it was painless due to our early arrival. They had set up tables for the group and everyone enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the patio, while the sun came and went.

After lunch, Curt and Darlena led us to the Carmel Mission Basilica and Museum, where Junipero Serra died and is buried. We spent as much or as little time as desired on the grounds and in the various museums and then headed to the Embassy Suites in Seaside at our own individual speeds to check in for the next 4 nights and the Monterey Peninsula Corvette Club Cruise. At 6:30pm, the group headed over to Cannery Row and the Fish Hopper restaurant on the waterfront for a variety of delicious seafood delights. The Boers and the Hackworths succumbed to the waiter’s salesmanship and ordered an off-menu Super Dooper Seafood Platter which included lobster, prawns, salmon, scallops, crab and more for four. The rest of us were slighly more restrained and no one was brave enough to order the 60 oz Margarita or the Ring of Fire or the Loaded Seafood Bloody Mary or the Volcano. Curt did get a Toasted Coconut Pina Colada which looked mighty good and tasted delicious according to Darlena, who also enjoyed her Cioppino. There are lots more dishes and drinks to try on a repeat visit.

When we arrived back at the hotel, Joe and Rosemay Priebe’s pace car was in the lot. We all got to say hello to them at the hotel breakfast buffet as we prepared to spend Thursday doing whatever appealed to us until we had to meet back in the lobby to caravan to the Early Bird BBQ at a private residence in Carmel Valley.


Pics from Mike & Marga

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 Pics from Doug & Marilyn


Pics from Curt & Darlena

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Pics from Rob & Daryl


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More Pics from Curt & Darlena

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