4/7/17 Havasu to Flagstaff



Everyone found their own way, in small groups, to the breakfast buffet over a period of a couple of hours and this was interspersed with car cleaning by Rob, Curt, John and Steve and fueling up by all. Hans had delayed our departure from 9:30 to 10 am, which helped the later risers to get ready for another day on the road. It was slightly hazy and in the mid-80s when we got on the road.

We followed the 95 to the 40 and headed east, getting off at the Oatman exit to take Route 66 into the older part of Kingman and to the Powerhouse Visitor Center, in the old power house built in the early 1900s. We toured the Route 66 Museum and learned about the mapping and building of Route 66, the flow of thousands escaping the economic downturn in Oklahoma and other areas and heading westward as far as California to search for new jobs and a better life. It truly brought the “Grapes of Wrath” to life for all of us. Another good part about this stop was a shopping opportunity for many who purchased Route 66 t-shirts and other souvenirs. While we were wandering inside, Vance and Hans were outside making new plans for the rest of the day.

Our original itinerary was to head to the Roadkill Café in Seligman for lunch (one of the club’s original sponsors). Vance had remembered that the Grand Canyon Caverns were a point of interest that many had probably not seen. So we headed to Peach Springs by Route 66, for lunch at the Diamond Creek Restaurant at the Hualapai Lodge, who had assured us they could handle sandwiches for our group. However….when we got there, everyone for miles around had turned up at this, the only restaurant in town or in fact the whole reservation, for Friday lunch. Being quick on their feet, Hans and Vickie somehow arranged an alternative at the “Tavern at the Caverns” and off we went. There is not actually a “tavern” but the lunch restaurant t the Caverns were more than thrilled to host COTV and set up a table just for We had our own one man band of greeter/order taker/server/short order cook took great care of us. We also had a chance to eat some of Grandma Betty’s homemade pie.

Half the group stayed to take the short tour of the caverns and the other half headed into Seligman to more Route 66 museums and memorabilia. We all ended up at the Courtyard by Marriott in Flagstaff about the same time, as did Val and Kim Sparks, who had done the drive from home in one day. Bruce’s friends also joined us. We had time to relax before heading to Black Bart’s for steak and musical entertainment. Another day of food and fun checked off. Tomorrow we go to the Grand Canyon and take train rides – a real two-fer.



Pictures from Susan

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