4/6/17 Temecula to Havasu


A warm and sunny morning saw the start of another COTV road trip. The IHOP at the Nuevo exit off the northbound 215 was the meeting place and the group started with 11 cars. The “fearless leader” and planner extraordinaire was Hans Boers, ably assisted by Alma, who proved to be a clear voice on the radio throughout the trip. Old hands at this trip thing included the Sommars, Weeks, Vance Weir and Susan Reichardt, the Webers, and the Hackworths. The Stevens are right on the cusp after a couple of long trips now. Newbies were the Varas and Bruce “The Bat” Mofford. Guests included Dave and Helen Esbeck (Dave worked with Hans at Caterpillar) and Steve and Carol Bronstein (who knew the Boers in the San Diego Club and who purchased the Boers’ Atomic Orange C6 when they bought the yellow C7.) Unfortunately, the Lokkens and the Isenbergs were unable to make the trip. Val and Kim Sparks are doing a shorter version and will meet with the group in Flagstaff.

Departure was at 10am and we took the back roads through Perris and drove over 79 into Beaumont and did a little freeway time until we got off at the exit to Yucca Valley and 29 Palms. Lunch was planned for Pappy and Harriet in Pioneertown, 4-5 miles off the 62. Thanks to Al and Vickie, we had the experience of eating where Sir Paul McCartney gave a last-minute concert to an overflowing crowd in October. Unfortunately, Sir Paul did not join us for lunch this time, but we all enjoyed our burgers and sandwiches and a quick tour of Pioneertown’s western town movie set before we left.

Next on the itinerary was Joshua Tree National Park, where we drove the loop and saw the remainder of this year’s spring bloom. A  couple of rest stops and miles of desert scenery later we arrived at the London Bridge Resort in Lake Havasu City. After checking in, we met for drinks outside overlooking the actual London Bridge. Hans charmed the restaurant into extending both Happy Hour and Happy Hour prices and the hotel had given us coupons for free appetizers, so we ate dinner late and light. We also practiced our musical talent (although Vance says we need lots more practice  as he counted multiple variations on  a simple theme) by singing Happy Birthday, not once but twice, to Bev Weeks.

After a full day’s excitement, we headed to bed to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure.

Pictures from Alma

Alma2 Alma1

Pictures from Susan


Pictures from Daryl & Rob

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