Corvettes of Temecula Valley

September Breakfast

We Ate!

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French Valley Café

Usually when the breakfast bell rings, the COTV crowds rush forward to eat, but this September found a smaller than usual group on the outside patio at the French Valley Cafe. Could it be that we are not ready to EAT? Heaven help us!!!!

Twenty plus hearty appetites turned up. For the McDermotts and the Becks, this was the scene of their first experience with COTV and look at them now – all on the Leadership Team in one role or another. The Res are another couple of more recent converts who are now stepping up to the Leadership plate as well. Then there are the oldies but goodies – the Weeks, the Sommars, the Buotes and the Webers – always up for a good meal after all these years. Not to leave anyone out – we can’t forget Bruce and Skip, the first to sign up and the first to arrive. The Finches and the Crooks were in the back corner. The Meyers were sitting with Skip and Bruce, too. The Randalls turned up a little late. Marilyn Watson did her hosting job sans Bill, who was on a consulting gig before a group of us leave for Alaska on Wednesday.

The group enjoyed their meals – along with getting a shower from the extra heavy misting system that has been installed and also fighting off the hordes of flies who wanted their share of the food. We look forward to the next adventure in eating and as always, give our thanks to Marilyn and Carol for their years of service in helping to keep us fat and happy.

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