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 It was a bright, sunny cool morning when about 37 corvettes met at Kohl’s parking lot. Some were headed to Las Vegas and some were going on the mystery lunch run that was organized and led by Layne and Mary Norby. Layne began the safety meeting promptly at 9AM as advertised. Beverly was our only guest and was introduced by new member, Mickey Diehl. After the usual briefing about safety, initial route and regrouping stops, Layne turned the proceedings over to Joe Priebe, who coverred items specific to those going on to Las Vegas after our initial stop. It was truly a beautiful sight as all the vettes caravanned north on I-15, through the cajon pass and exited on D st in Victorville. A short 1/2 mile east on D st and we arrived at our initial stop, the California Route 66 Museum. This was a blast to the past not to be missed. It is a free trip to the days of dial telephones, outhouses antique signs, gas pumps photos and cars. Most of us felt a little nostalgic before our tour was through. The staff of volunteers was excellent and knowledgeable about everything “Route 66”. They were even able to correctly answer Doug Glenore’s trivia question “where is the mid point of Route 66?” Do you know? Look it up!  They went out of their way to welcome us with free water, cookies and smiles. what a nice time we had. Visit them in person or online at After our museum visit, The Las Vegas bound group travelled on old route 66 to Barstow. The lunch group went about 2 miles further on D street where we enjoyed great mexican food at Los Domingos restaurant. The food and service was excellent as was the friendly atmosphere. The restaurant was recommended to Layne and Mary by the staff at the museum and seemed to be enjoyed by all who partook. After eating, we all went home at our own pace. Thanks to the Norby’s for a fun, well coordinated run.

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