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It was a dark and stormy night. Oh, wait! I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sunday morning the Mystery Lunch Run group and the Viva Las Vegas group combined forces and found their way to the Route 66 Museum in Victorville. After checking out the museum, the Viva Las Vegas group left the MLR group and headed for Barstow, where they had a lunch at Los Domingo Mexican Restaurant.

Then it was onward and upward to the Orleans Casino. Everyone had time to check in and hit a few slot machines (or whatever), before enjoying a delicious dinner at The Prime Rib Loft upstairs in the casino.

Monday morning dawned chilly and blustery with threats of rain (oh, no!!), but undaunted we all headed out to Casa de Shenandoah, Wayne Newton’s estate on the corner of Pecos and Sunset. We were greeted by our tour organizer Rosie, then turned over to our tour guide, Judy, who gave us some background on what we were going to tour. We all piled onto a shuttle bus and were taken across the street and onto the estate grounds, beautifully landscaped with palm trees and other types of flora, fountains and grassy expanses with wandering peacocks and other wild critters. Our first stop was the museum, complete with a Fokker F28 (that’s an airplane made in the Netherlands) which he had moved to his estate piece by piece from Michigan, after FAA regulations deemed it no longer airworthy. We got to stroll around and look at billions (yes, billions) of pieces of memorabilia from Wayne’s private collection. Placed strategically around the museum were video screens with Wayne talking about some of his favorite items, and giving a lot of history on his career, as well as all the famous people he had the pleasure of working with through the years. We saw his collection of old cars, which was phenomenal and way too many for me to mention here!

Then it was back on the shuttle to go see some of Wayne’s Arabian horses (he has 62), and the stables, pastures and therapy pool. Some folks from our group took the extended tour and got to go inside the stables and saw some other extra goodies.

Yep, back on the shuttle, to go check out the mansion. Now, this mansion was small as mansions go, but it was really cool to walk around and check it out. It’s set up so you can wander all over the first floor, and our tour guide was on hand throughout the tour to answer questions, as well as impart tons of information at every stop.

After the tour, people were on their own for lunch, then many were off to shows, or whatever else people do in Vegas!

Tuesday, everyone was again left to their own devices. Some were planning to stay another day or two, others began their journey back to the real world.

Thanks, Joe and Rosemary, for all the planning you did so we could have a great time!

Submitted by Betsy Crook

Tour of Wayne Newton’s estate,

Casa de Shenandoah



The property features gorgeous landscaping, with ponds and waterfalls and oak trees decorating the land, as well as Newton’s paddock of Arabian horses.

Also, “Boo,” a capuchin monkey; “Charlie,” a penguin; wallabies; peacocks and more all call Shenandoah home.

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We stayed at the Orleans!