Garage Brewing

The Pizza Ink Blot Test

March 31, 2015 marked the date of the first COTV Sponsor Appreciation Dinner at the Garage Brewing Company in Temecula, in the shadow of the all-familiar Big Flag where the group used to meet for events … before we got too big for the space. About 40 members signed up to attend, but since so many came and went, we are not sure what the final count was. What we are sure of was that a good time was had by all and now that members have had their first taste, there will be lots of return visits.

Garage Brewing is not a “white table, fine dining” establishment and is certainly not a quiet and romantic place for whispering sweet nothings in anyone’s ear. It is a boisterous, popular, somewhat off the beaten track brewery and pizza joint. You get in line, custom make your own thin crust pizza, order a beer from the items brewed on-site and grab your paper plate, plastic flatware and napkins and wait to bite into a pretty tasty concoction.

We bet that a psychologist could have a field day with the different combinations you can come up with when you build your own pizza from the numerous choices of ingredients. Vickie and Al Hackworth are pretty easy to peg as their pizzas were loaded with veggies and topped with handfuls of spinach. Bob and Betty Wells did the meat thing and then covered it with black olives and red onions so you could barely see anything else. Patricia Diaz tried using Buffalo Wing hot sauce instead of the regular red sauce, added chicken and got quite a spicy combination. And so it went…. what is your pizza-Q?

Bev Weeks tried the Mango Hefeweisen beer. She was going to order the Triple Tow Truck, or some such thing, until Vickie pointed out the alcohol content of 9.4%. Everyone seemed to enjoy the beers they tried and we were told that Whole Food Markets is now asking to carry the beer. You can also buy it at Barons and some other local markets and at the Shell Station at the Big Flag. So get your car gassed up and get a side of beer to go!

Garage Brewing has assured us that they will sign up to be a repeat sponsor, so we look forward to another group dinner. In the meantime, for those who couldn’t make it this time, go and try it for yourself. The food is good and the price is right and you are supporting a sponsor who is supporting COTV.

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