Crook,  Dave & Betsy Vilgiate, Tim & Linda

Hosted by Betsy & Dave Crook & Linda & Tim Vilgiate

Mystery Lunch Run -March 29, 2015

On a sunny Summer Sunday morning…..oh wait, we are just barely a week into Spring, aren’t we? Anyhow, on a sunny Sunday morning, a group of about 30 Corvettes gathered at the glamorous Kohl’s parking lot meeting place for a clamorous period of chat with friends new and old before departing on our third Mystery Lunch Run of this new year. Organized by Tim and Linda Vilgiate and Dave and Betsy (or Besty, as she is sometimes known!) Crook, and promised by Tim to be a great and fun run followed by a great and fun lunch at destination unknown, the group pulled out about on time at 10am. Newish members Chuck and Terry Isenberg, in their new C-7, and hopefully soon to be new members, Adrian and Giovanna Moya, in their hot red number were introduced during the “drivers meeting” and then we all got in line to head west on Temecula Parkway to pick up the 15 northbound.

We exited at Clinton Keith Road, making some think we were going over the Santa Rosa Plateau, but then turned right on Grand Avenue and headed to the next best guess (for those of us who don’t open our envelopes right away, but still try to guess where we are going!), one of our favorite roads, the Ortega Highway. Sundays on the Ortega can be busy, with lots of motorcycles and, as Don Weeks reminded us, lots of folks who can’t read signs and slow a herd of Corvettes to an unhealthily low speed. After we got over the Ortega, we made a right on Antonio Parkway and cruised along through Mission Viejo and its many subdivisions with a few turns here and there, until we ended up at Lake Mission Viejo and the Hacienda on the Lake.

We could pick from the Sunday brunch menu (including champagne) or the regular menu, as we sat overlooking the Lake. No one left hungry because the servings were certainly not skimpy. There was a lot of table-hopping among the more social butterflies of the group and everyone enjoyed catching up. Adrian Moya is serving in the Navy and now stationed at Pendleton, so it was appropriate that he and Giovanna ended up sitting with our retired naval aviator, Bill Stedfield. It was a family meal for the Rash and Billings Corvettes. Some of the larger tables must have made it harder to hear all of the conversations, but no one seemed to be left out of the action. Betsy Crook shared a retirement cake with everyone who had a sweet tooth. Congratulations, Betsy! We expect to see you and Dave on more trips after April 1. Larry Thackwell won the door prize for having a turkey on his direction sheet. Congratulations to Larry!

Thanks to the Vilgiates and the Crooks for a great Sunday spent in scintillating company with all our Corvette friends. We can hardly wait for April.





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