We Met at KOHL’S at 9AM and departed at 9:30

It was A Long Ride!

As the Sun Rose Over the Yardarm, Jim & Diane Arrived!



At least it wasn’t raining for our March MLR, but it was pretty chilly. The skies were cloudy and even when the sun came out from behind them at 8:30 or 9:00 am it was still very, very cool. Even transplants from the East Coast had to agree that jackets were in order. Jim and Diane Sommars were in command of this event and they had their list and sealed envelopes in hand. There were 32 cars on the RSVP list, but only 27 actually left the parking lot and that included some new faces who were not even expected. Mickey Diehl’s guest was her friend Diane, who Mickey claims had never driven with her so she wasn’t sure how enjoyable she would find it. Steve Page had his friend Mike McGraw from Vancouver, WA along for the ride. Mike has 3 Corvettes of his own and from what Steve has told us, a pretty decent collection that we hope to go and see at some point. Captain Norman Craig had signed up for two extra cars of “guests”. One was Harold and Kathy Stephens who used to be members some years ago and brought their application form with them so they could rejoin and legally use the badges they had kept. The other couple was their friend “Crazy” Bob and Kathy’s friend, Jasmine, who had not met before today, so we could call this their first date. We also had the two Tonys, one of whom had attended a previous meeting with his wife some time ago. The last new face was D.J., who had recently purchased a red C7 and was out getting gas when he saw us. He parked in the midst of all the COTV cars and we invited him along for the run. Jim provided a walkie-talkie and DJ contributed his lunch money and became part of the group just as easily as that. We hope he will be back.

Jim has always said he likes LONG rides. So when he and Diane are in charge of an MLR, we had all better like LONG rides. Now, it should be stated that in addition to long rides, Jim favors rides over the Ortega Highway to San Juan Capistrano, so the old hands in the group were prepared to head in that direction. Much to our surprise, we did not go to see the swallows this time! We headed out for a familiar staging spot along 79 east bound just past Butterfield Stage. Then we just kept going and going, making a potty stop at the Warner Springs Golf Club, and then going and going east, up to Julian, through Julian, and then bearing slightly left onto 78 East. Clearly this was not the way to San Juan Capistrano and maybe not even to San Diego. It was the way down into the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and then onto S3 and into Borrego Springs itself, but not where we have ended up in the past.

This time we went to the Rams Hill Golf Club, where we were greeted and treated very well – with a separate parking area and a shuttle to the Club House for those who needed it. We had our own private room and special menu with four choices: (1) a salad with large pieces of grilled salmon; (2) a pulled pork sandwich with fries; (3) a tri-tip steak sandwich with fries; and (4) a turkey wrap with fries. Soft drinks, tea and coffee were included and there was a full bar for those who wanted something stronger.

After lunch, Jim suggested that folks could head back the same way or up S22, which is our usual way of getting to Borrego Springs. Al also suggested stopping to see some of the Ricardo Breceda sculpture spread around the desert area nearby. Breceda’s metal sculpture is very familiar to those in the Temecula area and his leaping horses can be seen along 79 East.

Most of us headed out with all the traffic towing sand equipment back to Temecula. If you were lucky, you got over the twisty hills, but many of us slowed down as we got closer to Temecula with the lack of passing opportunities on 79.

Thanks to Jim and Diane for surprising us with the destination but not the wonderful drive!!!!