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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From the COTV Leadership Team

Posted December 21, 2013



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Spark of Love Toy Run, Dec 8

Posted November 25, 2013

Priebe, Joe & Rosemary
Hosted by Joe and Rosemary


COTV Spark of Love Toy Run

 As has become our tradition on the day after the Christmas Party, the Club held their Christmas Mystery Lunch Run early as a visit to a local fire station with toys for the Spark of Love campaign and then continued on for a ride with lunch together as the final destination.

Joe and Rosemary Priebe put a lot of effort into planning the perfect ride, starting with a visit to a new fire station in Temecula but it could have gone horribly wrong when at the last minute the Glen Oaks station determined that we could not make their station the destination.  Of course, Joe had a back­up, and we headed from our meeting place at Kohl’s to the the Old Town station in Temecula.  About 30 cards met at 9am and socialized for a half hour.  The highlight of this part of the event was the passing of the torch or, in this case, “The Moose”, from the Webers to the Keefers. Ed will probably never leave his car unlocked again.  Learn from his mistake!SONY DSC

At 9:30 we all headed through Old Town and met at the fire station where we were welcomed by the crew on duty.  We were told that, prior to our arrival, only 2 toys had been delivered to them.  We changed all that by filling their collection box to overflowing, piling toys on the bench in front of their building and adding another sack full of goodies.  They were very welcoming and glad to see us, fascinated by the cars and poured coffee to go with the donuts that Joe and Rosemary had dropped off earlier.  You would have thought everyone was starving the way those donuts disappeared.  The crew brought around a fire engine for us to pose with for our group shot, which featured a group of some of the oldest and newest cars in the club.

Some members departed at this point to honor family commitments and about 20 cars continued on for a great ride down Pechanga Parkway, through Pala, along Rice Canyon, back along Rainbow Canyon and then into Temecula, where we ended up at BJ’s Restaurant.  Joe and Rosemary had arranged for a separate room and a buffet of “all­you­can­eat” salad, pasta with chicken and four kinds of deep dish pizza. At the end of the meal, the staff provided pizza boxes for anyone who wanted to take pizza home for a later snack.

All in all, it was a perfect end to a perfect holiday weekend with lots of fun, friendship, and food all the hallmarks of Corvettes of Temecula Valley.  Thanks to Joe and Rosemary for their great planning.  We look forward to 2014 and more opportunities to join together for good times.


COTV Holiday Dinner, Dec 7

Posted November 25, 2013


With a Special Dance Number from the COTV Board!


COTV Holiday Party

Wow! Who were all those strangers in their festive outfits?  Oh yes, they were our fellow COTV members dressed to kill for the annual holiday
party.  Hard to recognize them as the same folks we see in jeans and
shorts and t-shirts most of the year.

Vickie Hackworth and Joyce Moore sure set the bar for future events with the rousing success of this year’s event at the Clubhouse at Journey at
Pechanga.  It was a great venue, with lots of space, festive tables,
a welcoming fireplace,  a large dance floor, an open bar and
after we all sat down, really good food. 

We were shy a couple of people as the holiday bug hit.  Joyce Moore
soldiered on with a course of antibiotics.  However, close to 90
members and  friends joined for a meal of salad with a very
interesting dressing,  either prime rib or salmon, and a
selection of chocolate and/or  lemon desserts.  The
service was  great and it was certainly not
your usual “banquet meal.” 

Both old-time members and much more recent ones mingled and
chatted,  ate and then the dancing began, with Mrs. Jones’
Revenge playing covers  of a variety of songs from
our  youth. 

All we can say is that “a good time was had by all”…..
and let’s do it there again next year!

THANKS AGAIN to Vickie and Joyce!

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Mystery Lunch Run, Nov 24

Posted November 10, 2013


Hosted by Mike and Cyndee O’Brien

Led by Ken & Heather Kaufman



I’m Not Sure What Don is Doing, But Bob seems to be Smiling?

A smaller pre-Thanksgiving group of almost 20 cars met at the Kohl’s parking lot at 9 a.m for a scheduled 9:30 departure to parts unknown. Since Cyndee and Mike O’Brien were Corvette-less until their new 2014 car arrives in February, they asked for a volunteer to lead the run and Ken Kaufmann was happy to step up to the task. (As you will see in the photos, both Ken and Jim Homan had lots of fun making signs because Mike and Cyndee came in their Lexus.) We had several folks stop by to talk to the gang at the meeting place and one new car joined us for part of the run.

The route took us up Hwy 79 through Vail Lake, Warner Springs, and almost into Santa Ysabel, making a rest stop at the Santa Ysabel Indian Casino, where several members (Joyce with her $20, Norm who had “no luck” and a couple of others) squeezed in a few minutes on the machines. It was slightly cooler at the somewhat higher elevations, but we did not have snow as we have had on past Thanksgiving-time runs.

After the rest stop we backtracked to the turnoff on Hwy 76 westbound, past Lake Henshaw and Palomar Mountain (one of those snowy destinations of past years), and headed through Pauma and Pala making a full circle to Pechanga Parkway and into the back parking lot at Pechanga. Vickie reminded us that this was exactly the way to come for the Christmas Party in almost two weeks. Cyndee had arranged a blocked off area for us to park and a group of tables in the buffet. The group has eaten at every casino buffet in the area by now and it sure works well as there is something for everyone and as much or as little as you want.

All in all it was a good beginning to Thanksgiving week and the holiday season. We are all looking forward to the Christmas Party.



Vettes for Veterans, Nov 9

Posted November 4, 2013

Vettes for Veterans

Saturday November 9, 2013

Hosted by North Coast Vettes

COTV was represented by 10 of our members Corvettes at the Vettes for Veterans show in Carlsbad.  It was a beautiful day which resulted in a very big turnout.  Don and Bev Weeks took home $55 for second place in the C7 class. Others representing our club were Charlie and Grace Stell, John Marsh and Mary Kino, Bill and Sandy Steed, Norm Luckcuck, Vance Weir, Ed and Carolyn Keefer, Dale and Denise Thurmond and Mike and Misha Grayson.  Bob Clark and Ray Mcintosh showed up to support our members and take pictures.

IMG_3608 IMG_3612 IMG_3617 IMG_3620 IMG_3616 IMG_3609 IMG_3613 IMG_3605 IMG_3619 IMG_3611 IMG_3606

Mystery Lunch Run, Oct 27

Posted October 1, 2013

Hosted by Jim and Diane
October 27, 2013

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What a beautiful Fall day we had and what a great ride we went on, hosted by Jim and Diane Sommars. A group of just under 30 cars met at the Kohl’s parking lot around 9:30am, with a scheduled departure of 10:15am. There were two brand new C-7s among us – the Sommars’ metallic blue and the Boers’ bright yellow with red interior. Hans said he did not want to be overlooked in the latter days of his life and he certainly won’t be with that color combination. We had some newbies on the ride – Wes and Kathy (Wes had been at the October meeting, but Kathy was unwell, so this was her first chance to meet the gang) and the San Diego friends of Hans and Alma who purchased their burnt orange car when they got the new C-7. We also had the pleasure of seeing Ro and Francine Mack. Several couples planned on taking the ride, but not joining us for lunch (the Glenores and the Hipsaks among them.) Al and Vicki Hackworth made it to the parking lot, but opted to skip the ride due to what seemed to be alternator problems. Ray and Judy McIntosh arrived in their new, bright red C-6 – a birthday present from Ray to himself for his 65th the day before.

When we finally got on the road, Jim and Diane led us to the 15 northbound and off at Clinton Keith, where we regrouped after spreading out on the freeway. We turned on Grand and paraded through Wildomar and Lake Elsinore, heading to the familiar turn-off onto the Ortega Highway. For many of us, it was the first time up the road in a long time and certainly since the fire in early August. We couldn’t decide if the hills looked like a lunar landscape, something from a sci-fi movie or just something sad. Difficult as it was, the group pretty much stuck to the speed limits (too low for a Corvette’s liking) and you could just feel the cars straining to let go. Some motorcycles felt we were way too slow or way too old and passed us on the double yellow section at the bottom. There did not seem to be a police presence so everyone got through without tickets, including the bikes.

As we got through Mission Viejo and almost to the 5 Freeway, Jim tried to fool us by taking us alongside the 5 north and then under and back into San Juan Capistrano. Our final destination was Sarducci’s, right at the San Juan Capistrano Railroad Station. We didn’t lose too many cars during the maneuvers, although Bob and Monica Clark seemed to take the long way to the restaurant and were the last in.  Jim and Diane had arranged a private room and a menu of five choices – fish, 2 sandwiches, a Cobb Salad and Fettucini Alfredo with chicken. There were also some special options for those with dietary restrictions.

After our usual chow and chat, but without mooning any of the passing trains (sorry, Steve Page!), everyone broke up to head home, shop in San Juan Capistrano, go to visit the Dana Point Harbor or check out the quaint neighborhood on the other side of the railroad tracks.

It was a great day and a great ride, masterfully organized to the last detail by Jim and Diane Sommars. Kudos to them!

Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze

Posted September 25, 2013



That First Car is Cyndee’s! 




COTV at Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze

October 5, 2013

Scott at Precision Alignment, one of the COTV Car Show sponsors asked Bill Stedfield if the COTV could send a group of cars to the 1st Annual Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze at Big Horse Feed on Temecula Parkway. Apparently Scott had been asked by the owners of Big Horse Feed to help organize the car show only three weeks before the event. Always eager to support a COTV sponsor, Bill sent e-mails and spoke about the show at the Mystery Lunch Run on Sunday, September 29, in hopes that we could get a decent showing. As it turned out, October 5 was one of the windiest days we have seen in the Temecula Valley in a long time, not the perfect day for a car show.

Big Horse seeded one of their fields, across from the Corn Maze, so that the participating cars would be on a grass lot instead of dirt. Bill arrived about 7:30 am and was soon joined by the Webers, John Marsh, Alan Thompson, Norm Luckuck (who had not even registered but just drove in), Cyndee O’Brien, Steve Page and then our relatively new members, Randy and Lori Kingston in their 1963 Black Split Window and 1965 Nassau Blue Coupe. Their son, Eric, brought his own non-Corvette, but we didn’t hold it against him since it was a Chevrolet. We set up the shade and the banner, which was a feat in and of itself as the wind continued to gust all day. Bill Stedfield brought donuts for the early morning group. Ted and Judy Venn were also there to support their daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and David, with their spectacular Woodie which was parked right next to us, so we had quite a group. Consult-A-Tech, one of our other sponsors, was also further down the row with some 1960s Cadillacs.

Big Horse had wagon rides, the corn maze, a pumpkin patch, games, pony rides, a huge trampoline and a bungee swing between two poles, so as the day progressed, the crowds grew larger. There were 5-6 food vendors. And if that wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, you could watch while Big Foot crushed Cyndee’s car!

However, the winds never let up and all of the cars, which of course had been cleaned prior to the show were coated with dust. The only saving grace was that everyone was equally dirty.  Many of the COTV group left before the prizes were awarded, but all in all it was a fun day at the Corn Maze.

Mystery Lunch Run, Sep 2013

Posted September 16, 2013

Hosted by Ray and Judy

Ray & Judy

Ray & Judy


 What a beautiful day for a Lunch Run! A group of 32 Corvettes, including Don and Bev Weeks’ brand new (they have only had it a few days) Midnight Blue Metallic C-7, met at the Kohl’s parking lot to see what “mystery” Ray and Judy McIntosh had in mind for us all. We had a number of newish members on their first Lunch Run (the Cookes and the Crooks), some guests (Norm and Ronette brought along friends in their Inferno Orange convertible), some faces we hadn’t seen for a while (Ron and Liz Rose), the walking wounded (Don Weeks with foot encased, Ted Venn with cane, and Rosemary Priebe) as well as lots of regulars who are always up for a Sunday drive and lunch. 

Although the posted meeting time was 9:30 am, there was already a good crowd before 9. Ray McIntosh explained the day’s plan; Bill Steed did a presidential welcome; Bill Stedfield talked about the Corn Maze Car Show on October 5 to try and drum up more interest on behalf of one of our sponsors, Precision Alignment, who is also sponsoring this show; and new members and guests were introduced. The cars lined up and left the lot as close enough to 9:45 am as possible and we trailed around Temecula until we all re-grouped on Rainbow Canyon Road. We then proceeded through the back roads of the area, along West Lilac, into Rainbow and Valley Oaks, and through all of the growing grounds for the nurseries. We made a “potty stop” at a Country Club in the area and then drove along Old 395 on both sides of the 15 Freeway, wending our way back into Temecula.

Lunch was at Patsy’s Kitchen on Jefferson. Most of us were unaware of this breakfast and lunch restaurant, in the same area where the old Tony Roma’s/ then Simply Sharon’s used to be (both since closed.) Considering that our original head count was about 45 and we ended up as 65, they did a great job in seating us at one very, very long table down the middle of the room and the booths alongside it. As could be expected, it is difficult to get 65 meals on the table at the same time, but there was not too much grumbling as everyone took the time to move around and chat with each other, catching up on all the latest news. The meals were probably pretty evenly distributed between breakfasts and lunches and the portions were very generous and very reasonably priced. As folks finished their food, the group slowly shrunk as everyone moved on to whatever they had planned for the rest of their day.

Huge round of applause and thanks to Ray and Judy McIntosh for stepping once again and putting together and fun run and great food!!!

14th Annual Crisin’ for a Cure Sept. 28

Posted September 16, 2013


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COTV at the Dream Cruise in Detroit, August 2013

Posted August 16, 2013

 Corvettes at the Radisson



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