Total toys collected were 175, and donations received so far are 431$


Toys for Tots

December 14, 2014

Only 11 days until Christmas…..and everyone turned out to support COTV’s annual toy run!

We had 65­-70 members join us for the short caravan from the meeting place at Kohl’s to our drop ­off point.  This year we had the advantage of the participation of our very own serving Marine, Rudy Diaz, who was instrumental in getting his fellow marines to turn up in their dress uniforms with a truck to haul off our donations.

Over the years we have supported Spark of Love, which is associated with Cal Fire, and with a change to Toys for Tots, we also changed the collection point this year, to Paradise Chevrolet, our very supportive sponsor.

Daryl Weber met all the cars at Kohl’s and checked them off her “naughty and nice” list and led the group to Paradise, even though it managed to remain a surprise until we got close.  Marilyn Glenore and Judy McIntosh handed out the sealed instructions for the mystery lunch run to follow.  Ray Mcintosh handled the photography duties in Rob Weber’s absence from this part of the event.  Rob was already at Paradise meeting up with Rudy and Lou Long to lay out the donuts and coffee and set up where to park more than 30 Corvettes and a couple of non­Corvettes, like the Buotes’ truck, Monica Clark’s Honda and Daryl’s “not a ­Corvette.”

After we all got to the dealership, the Marines and their truck arrived and Rudy presented both COTV and Paradise with Certificates of Participation for their efforts.  After partaking of donuts and coffee, everyone loaded the toys.  About 10:30, Rob called a drivers’ meeting and about 60 of us left for a 1 1⁄2 hour drive to our surprise holiday brunch.  Rob led through the back roads of Winchester, Homeland, Nuevo and over the Cajalco Expressway past Lake Matthews.  Daryl and Monica brought up the rear in their non-­Corvettes.

The destination was Citrus City Grille, where we had tables for 60 set up on the back patio. It was a little cool and the line for food sometimes was a little too long, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves sharing holiday laughs and good wishes.  While COTV’s main focus is on fun, not charity fund raising, the turn­out for this event, so close to Christmas, just proves what a hugely generous group of members our club has.  Our holiday wishes go out to all of you along with our hopes for an even bigger, better and healthier year in 2015 for all of us at COTV!