Breakfast Social – November 6, 2015

Today marked the last of our first year of breakfast socials. It has become such a successful event that COTV will be continuing with 6 new ones in 2016. Vickie Hackworth introduced the team who will work together to find new and interesting places to eat that all-important meal of the day. Carol Buote and Marilyn Watson will coordinate for the next year. 

As always, if you arrived after 8:30am for a COTV event involving food scheduled to start at 9am, you could be considered late. By 8:40, there was already food on the table in the private room at the Corner Bakery, where you place your order and the staff delivers it to you when it is ready. For some reason, oatmeal seemed to be more difficult to get out in a timely manner than the more complicated combinations, so Leonard and Carol might have been among the first to arrive, but not necessarily the first to eat. 

Somewhere between 30 and 35 COTV members turned up to chow down and catch up – including the Buotes, the Clarks, the Crooks, the Finches, Greg Grajeck and Cindy Hart, the Hackworths, Skip Hipp, the Homans, the Jenkins, Ray McIntosh (he walked from home!), the O’Briens, John Olivas, the Sommars (ahead of time for the second event in a row – maybe he is taking his new role as Events Coordinator for 2016 seriously!), Bob Smith and Rose Streets, the Sparks, the Thackwells, the Watsons, and the Webers. We kept adding tables and chairs to the configuration in the room until we almost ran out of room.

Well, Vickie, thanks for introducing this great idea and starting a new custom in such style. We are already looking forward to what Carol and Marilyn can come up with for January.

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