Mack, RoseMarie & Francine


It is always a pleasant surprise to see how many Corvettes can turn up for a lunch run on Thanksgiving weekend – this year it was almost 30 and one wanna­be Corvette/Cadillac XLRV.   The ride was organized by “lead foot” Ro Mack, with her cheering section, Francine.

We are not used to seeing so many cars at the Kohl’s parking lot meeting place, but with Christmas shopping in full swing after Black Friday there were a lot of other people there when we met at 9:30am.  Bill Stedfield brought his buddy, Bob, who is still thinking about buying a Corvette. Harry Finch and his wife arrived in their brand new (200 miles) 2015 C7.  Remember when Harry met us before a run to see Don Weeks’ new 2014 C7, our first arrival?

Ro had mapped out a grand tour of Fallbrook, Rainbow and Bonsall, looping back and forth through the gardens and growing grounds for all the nurseries.  She had Rudy and Veronica Diaz as her middle of the pack team members and Ray and Judy McIntosh bringing up the rear.  We had to regroup every now and then as we got separated in the curves.

Amazingly, we ended up at Tekila, a little Mexican place about a block from Ro and Francine’shome in Bonsall. Many of us ate outside, since the early morning rain had dissipated and only some dark clouds showed overhead.  There were 3 choices – cheese enchiladas, enchiladas Suizas and carnitas – so something for everyone and a selection of margaritas, beer and Bloody Marys for those who were so inclined.  As always, there was a lot of laughter in between bites of delicious food.

On the way home, not for Ro and Francine but for the rest of us, there was some light rain as wegot further north, but not enough to dampen spirits, just enough to mess up beautiful Corvettes.

Thanks Ro for a lovely Thanksgiving weekend run.



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