Yellow Basket



Breakfast Social

November 20, 2019

It was a small but happy group of about 15-20 who met at the Yellow Basket in Temecula for the last Breakfast Social of 2019. Since we are experiencing the first rain in a while, there were no Corvettes in the parking lot. Most of us had used the windshield wipers at some point in the trip to the restaurant.

Of course, the Buotes and Watsons were there since they organized the event. But as always, Skip was the first in the parking lot until Rob and Daryl joined him. Then the rest trickled in (John and Annette, Chuck Calagna, Chuck Sherman, Jim Sommars, John and Jerri-Lynne, Bill Stedfield and John and Fritzi.) Don Weeks stopped by on his way to bowling but did not stay to eat.

Yellow Basket is a casual place with a well-priced menu and the senior breakfasts are not skimpy, as Skip and Daryl found out. You place your order and they bring it to your table. What more could you ask?

Because we had all arrived in dribs and drabs, we departed in the same fashion, rather than all at once. We are looking forward to getting together again for another meal on Sunday with Skip’s MLR. See you there!

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