It’s Breakfast Time
For Corvettes of Temecula Valley


Casa Jimenez
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What are we going to do with ourselves in the morning for the rest of the year? This was the last of Carol and Marilyn’s masterfully planned breakfasts for 2018.

About 30 COTV morning folks turned up at Casa Jimenez for either Mexican or American platters to start of another cool and windy day. It was the usual cast of characters – with the singles, Bruce, Bill and Skip; the newest member of the Leadership Team, Wes (and Carole), the Treasurer-elect and photographer; and a less familiar face, Tom Hafeli, who came in and said hello and disappeared as quickly. Oh, let’s not forget Dave Hellman, back from a long European sojourn. The rest were the normal mix of old member faces – Hackworths, Glenores, McIntoshes, Weeks and almost as old ones, Becks, Stevens, Webers, Crooks, Thackwells. The whole gang was brought together by the Buotes (with Willie Nagle along for the meal) and the Watsons who have done this for a couple of years now and seem to be signed up for another one.

Thanks to everyone for sharing our last breakfast of the year. Hope to see you at the November MLR, the Toys For Tots Run and the Holiday Party to round out 2018.

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