Yes, that’s right. COTV took 25% of the awards at the Vettes for Veterans car show in Carlsbad. Not bad, since we had only 10% of the entries. Sixteen of our members, including the Bryants, our newest members, met at Kohl’s for hot blueberry and cinnamon muffins (baked at 3am by Judy Mcintosh) and a prompt 8am departure. We arrived at the Shoppes in Carlsbad, where the show was held, at 8:40. The early birds, Bill Steed, Joe Priebe and Leonard Buote (the three amigos) arrived about an hour earlier and were already set up with coffee in hand. There were a total of approximately 200 entries so we made up about 10% of the show. Evidently, Bob and Monica Clark forgot that it was a Corvette show and arrived in their KIA. They didn’t win any awards but did add to the nice social interaction. The weather was beautiful with clear skies and 75 degrees.  Our club (minus the three amigos) parked together in an area reserved for us by the host club North Coast Vettes. Raffles were held each hour and Judy and Ray Mcintosh  as well as John and Fritzi McDermott each won prizes. As far as car show awards, they were won by Dee Edwards-1st place- C6, Bill Steed-2d place-C1, Tom Bryant-3d place-C6, Robert Smith-3d place-C5, and our president, Glenn Crowther-3d place-C7. Each was awarded a placque and a monetary prize.  The show was well organized and everything happened on time. Great job by NCV! Thanks to all COTV participants for supporting such a great event since all proceeds went to military charities. As a side bar, Bill Steed went home after the show, dusted off his beautiful 1962 Corvette and took best of show on Sunday at the Golden Bears car show at Temecula Valley High School.

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