Even though the forecast called for rain, 35 beautiful COTV corvettes met at Kohl’s for the October mystery lunch run. The morning weather was high clouds and made for a beautiful backdrop for the run. The fact that we had 35 cars is another interesting point, since we had 28 cars (54 people) RSVP and 3 cars (6people) cancelled prior to the run. It must be the new math, because, as I said , we had 35 cars with a total of 68 people when we left Kohl’s. All worked out fine after Judy made a call to the restaurant to update the numbers. To be fair, 3 of the cars (4 people) were guests. Among our guests was James Gilbert who saw the run on the website and decided to give us a look.  Bruce and Pam McDuffy brought their friends Karen and Tom Bryant and Chuck Sherman brought his daughter, Debbie. We enjoyed their presence and hope to see them again.

Our drive took us through wine country to sage road where we could put our cars through the tests of the winding roads on our way toward Hemet. Well there was one problem; As we approached the “twisties” on sage road, a little red van pulled out in front of the lead car and led us down the hill at about 25 mph, much to the chagrin of Doug Glenore (and some others). As we neared Diamond Valley golf course The Thackwells pulled over due to a flat tire indication. Larry decided to break from the group and have this checked out at a gas station. The rest of us continued down domenengoni pkwy to warren rd, then north to ramona expy.  We then continued through Perris to Moreno Valley where we found our destination, Acapulco restaurant  where the staff had reserved a full wing of the place just for our group and where we were met by the Thackwells who found that their tire problem was a faulty sensor and caught up just as we were entering the parking lot. The food was plentiful as were the mimosas. The service was very good as 4 servers were dedicated to our group . There was a problem when the manager decided that the cooks were too busy making food in bulk to allow for individual menu orders so some who had special diet needs were not served in a timely manner . I apologize to those affected. One other note: When considering a dessert choice, don’t ask Joe Priebe. He selected an item and, deciding it was too dry, went back and got some vanilla sauce to dip it in. He thought the dip was so bad that he went back to tell the cooks. Pointing out the bad sauce, joe asked what it was , only to be told that it was the waffle batter. Another memory that we can laugh about for some time. Thanks, Joe.  Thanks, also to all who came , to Skip Hipp for assisting, and to Judy for making the giveaways, especially the “grand” prizes that were won by Darlena & Curt Stevens and Bruce Mofford.

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