Mystery Lunch Run

October 28, 2018

We will be changing the name of the October MLR to the Mystery Lontz Run in honor of Tom and Ann who led us on a great drive today and have already signed up to repeat in October 2019. Let’s give them a big hand for COTV spirit above and beyond. They have hosted or will host a run each year of their membership.

Not too many days ago the car count for the run was 15 per John Vara. Today we had 30 cars and 56 people. Some of our members brought along guests: Bruce had Vicky as his co-pilot; the Glenores were joined by their former neighbors, Carla and Anthony Thomas; and Marti Schoemann’s sister Lynne and nephew Max came in Marti’s blue ’02. Amazingly, Ronette Garduno and Norm Craig had no guests and actually were both in the same car for a change. Among our newest members in attendance were Murray and Eva Gruber, Tom and “Elle” Ramsey, and John and Barbara Rider. Unfortunately, not with us for the Run, but in our thoughts, was John Meyer who just had by-pass surgery. Get well soon, John!

The day’s route took us out 79 for about 36 miles and a rest stop at the Warner Spring Golf Course, where the manager took pictures of all the cars in the lot and on the road. We continued east and then made a right onto 76 west and past Lake Henshaw. Then we started up those lovely, winding roads to the Palomar Observatory and back down. We didn’t get to drive too fast since there was also a major bicycle event on all of these scenic roads, so we had to share the space. As Vickie said, she was glad to be going downhill in a Corvette and not uphill on a bicycle. Most of us shared that sentiment. After we got back onto 76 west we still hit some traffic since folks were heading home from a weekend with their camper, trailer, dirt bikes, etc. But it wasn’t too far until we turned into the Casino Pauma and wended our way to the back and the Buffet. Tom and Ann had pre-paid our entry with tax, tip, etc. from what we had pre-paid them so it was an easy transfer from car to food. Unfortunately, Marti’s nephew did not make the age cut for the casino so they were unable to join us for lunch. We missed them!

After lots of lunch (amazing how much you can find to eat at a buffet!) and lots of conversation, everyone left on their own schedule. As always, our thanks go to the hearty souls who volunteer to plan and lead our MLRs and we look forward to next year’s Mystery Lontz Run. See you next month and bring your appetite!

Pics by Judy & Ray


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