oct 2014 MLR 033Rose, Steve & Liz

Steve and Liz Rose led a group of about 30 corvettes on a very enjoyable run from KOHL’s west on Temecula pkwy and onto the northbound 15 fwy. It was difficult to stay together at first due to traffic but, once we exited at Clinton keith and turned westbound where we regrouped, we had a beautiful line of corvettes the remainder of the trip. We wound through the hills of La Cresta and De Luz, enjoying the the beautiful scenery accompanied by fantastic weather. The group stayed together very well since Joan Thackwell apparently took the training wheels off the vette and Larry kept the car ahead of him in sight at all times. Nice job Larry (ha! ha!). Soon, the Thackwells will graduate to leading a run. The last part of the ride brought us down Rancho California rd, back into Temecula and into old town where we had a very good lunch at Luke’s, a new restaurant across from Swing Inn. The service was good, the food was even better and all had a good time sharing stories with fellow corvette lovers. Thanks to Steve and Liz for planning and leading the run. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Check out the pictures. They tell the story better than me.