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Pizza Factory,
31725 Temecula Parkway,


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Wednesday Oct. 26th at 6 P.M.

30-35 of our club members participated in thanking Pizza Factory for their sponsorship and, as Jim Sommars likes to say, “we got to eat” while doing so. Pizza Factory has been a long-time sponsor of COTV and certainly deserves our thanks. We were given a private party room where we enjoyed each others company along with salads, pizzas sandwiches and drinks. Most of the members drove their vettes which made for a nice show for the other diners while we ate. I even had a dad ask me if it was ok for him to take his sons out to look at the cars. Next time you’re at Pizza Factory, or at any of our sponsors, make sure to tell them that you’re with COTV and thank them for supporting the club. Click on any of the pictures below and they will enlarge for better viewing.

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