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Six members of COTV attended the Big Horse car show on Saturday and showed ’em what real horses are.  Cindy O’Brien organized our group and led the way with her beautiful blue C-7.  John Marsh and Mary Kino attracted a lot of attention with  ZEUS, their beautiful award winning C-6. I’m sure it was just a coincidence, but no one could find John until Mary had finished cleaning the car. Maybe we should have Mary give a detailing class to the wives at an upcoming meeting (LOL).  Bill Steed and Joe Priebe brought their classic ’62 and ’63 beauties which, as usual, were the focus of many spectators. As you can see from the pictures, Joe added yet another trophy to his collection. Don Weeks was there in his beautiful ’53  retro and also drew much attention. Finally, Bill Stedfield was there with his gorgeous red C-6.  Thanks to all for representing COTV so well.