COTV Road Trip

The Petersen Museum &



The Nethercutt Collection



COTV 2-day Trip to Los Angeles hosted by Hans and Alma Boers

It seemed like this trip to the Petersen Automotive and the Nethercutt Museums was planned ages ago. Actually Hans first started planning it back in April of this year. In his true fashion, no detail was missed.

We started out Friday, Sept. 15th, from the meeting spot in Corona. We were 13 cars, 26 people, strong. We made a nice Corvette statement driving along the I-15, I-71, and I-10 freeways on the way to our initial meeting spot at the original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. The drive was surprisingly smooth with just a few areas of congestion. Somehow we managed to stay together on the L.A. freeways. That was not the case however as we all exited the freeway. Our individual navigation systems had us taking multiple different routes to the Farmer’s Market but we managed to arrive about the same time. That was fun.

For a few of our members, the trip to the Farmer’s Market was a new experience. Others had not been there in years and were pleased to see not much had changed. Many of our favorite vendors were still there. Needless to say, we had a great selection of food choices and all said their choices were delicious

Next we drove a short distance to the Petersen Automotive Museum. The recent $125 million renovation of the museum proved to be fabulous, showing off the beauty of their massive car collection. There were two special exhibits: a Bugati exhibit showcasing many of their designs, considered to be some of the most seductive and artistic cars in existence. The other special exhibit was the 70 Years of Ferrari; while we all love our Corvettes, we couldn’t help but admire these red beauties. We took the 90-minute tour of the Vault. This behind-the-scenes tour gave us a look at some of the unique cars in their collection; all had interesting histories and the docent was well versed on every one of them.

Our drive from the Petersen to our hotel in Burbank was quite an experience for many of us. Our navigation systems, while trying to avoid the Friday evening rush hour traffic, took us on a tortuous path through the residential areas of Hollywood and the Los Feliz areas. Interesting to say the least, but we all made it safely to our destination where Hans and Alma were waiting for us with a nice pre-dinner treat of Swedish meatballs straight from the infamous Ikea cafeteria! They were delicious and went down easily with a nice glass of wine. We then had dinner at either The Stage or BJ’s. The food was good but the company was even better.

On Saturday we headed over to the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar. This is a secret gem; secret because many of us had never heard of this museum that is owned and provided by the founders/owners of Merle Norman cosmetics. What a history they had to share! COTV members who have been to many car museums agreed the Nethercutt is a rival for top-billing. The cars are faithfully restored and all have an interesting story to tell. The grand finale was the mechanical music instruments demonstrated for us on the tour. If you have not been here, be sure to place the Nethercutt on your bucket list.

We all look forward to the next trip planned by Hans and Alma, whatever it may be!