COTV Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by



Skip Hipp



Val & Kim Sparks



Val and Kim Sparks along with Skip Hipp want to thank the 53 members/guests that showed up with 33 Corvettes to join the thundering herd through the back roads in our area. Thank you Val for taking the roll for attendance and Bill Stedfield for keeping notes on new member and guests. Marty brought along her brother-in-law Patrick McConnell. Wes Carroll and Carole Schartoff are newer members and Wes handled all the camera work today, thanks again Wes. Tom and Ellen Ramsey new members were here today along with John and Barbara Rider and Phil and Karen Hughes. Visitors today were Bill Mc Donald and Rhonda Burt along with Tony Lucas and Son Tony. We are sure our visitors liked what they saw and will become members soon.
Our run took us out 79 east to Anza Road and then along De Portola to Glen Oaks. Right turn out Mesa to Sage then down through those nice curves, we all took care and behaved – I think? We tuned west on Domeniconi Parkway then left past the science center and up the hill we all went to Diamond Valley Lake for a short break and photo ops. All went well until we came to a HUGH road block at Winchester Rd. at Newport. I heard there was a commercial being filmed so we took a detour and all made our way back to Newport Road and Bj’s Restaurant on Haun Road in Menifee.
Doug Wallace is the manager who set up the large side room just for COTV. We had a total 5 servers and 3 additional helpers so considering our large group service went well. The menu allowed for many choices and I am sure everyone left with a full tummy. Skip had a little surprise in the sealed directions for tokday’s run. Two of the directions had a little caption. “keep your shiny side up”. Bill Stedfield and Larry & Joan Thackell were the winners of some auto detailing merchandise.
Pictures by Wes Carroll-